Harry Mahmood first candidate to be fired from The Apprentice after poo flop

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The Apprentice kicked off tonight (January 6), with Lord Alan Sugar, Karren Brady and newbie Tim Campbell bringing the show back with a bang.

And bath bomb extraordinaire Harry Mahmood was the first of 16 candidates to face the dreaded firing finger after a flop which saw the boys' design for a cruise ship fail dramatically.

While three of the lads – Akeem, Harry and Akshay – were dragged back into the Boardroom to face Lord Sugar's wrath, it was Harry who ultimately drew the short straw.

The tense Boardroom showdown saw each of the lads attempt to place the blame on one another, as Project Manager Akshay wriggled out of the firing line.

Harry, who dubs himself "the Asian version of Lord Sugar", didn't even get off the ground to be in the running for a shot at the business mogul's £250,000 investment.

In his introduction, Harry admitted he wanted the pair to team up and become "the bad boys of the bath bomb world together".

And fans were ??????

As usual for the first episode, the teams were split by gender before being sent off to design an advertising campaign for a new Virgin cruise line.

Aboard the impressive ships, the boys decided on a mindful wellbeing cruise aimed at empty nesters aged over 50 – but a row over the company's logo was where it all began to fall apart.

Though Harry boldly advocated for a more complex design which encapsulated the various pillars of wellbeing, the team decided to go for something more innovative – a man's body striking a yoga pose, transitioning into a wave to represent the high seas.

However, their decision to colour it brown and green didn't down well in the pitch, as it was compared to a "poo".

And their company name – Never Ending Nautical – also left Lord Sugar's aides baffled, as they noted it sounded rather more negative than positive.

The girls, meanwhile, opted to call their company Bougie Cruises, with a more simplified text logo incorporating a ship's wheel.

The Apprentice airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One, with The Apprentice: You're Fired following at 10pm on BBC Two.

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