'Heels' Trailer: Watch Stephen Amell & Alexander Ludwig Take the Ring

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig are ready to take the ring in the new Starz wrestling drama, Heels.

On Sunday, the network debuted the first trailer for the upcoming series, which is set to premiere across all Starz platforms on Sunday, Aug. 15.

Heels stars Amell and Ludwig as Jack and Ace Spade, brothers struggling with their own lives and their late father’s pro wrestling legacy in small-town Georgia.

“You’re a washed up quarterback who couldn’t play in college. I’m a lawnmower salesman,” Jack tells Ace in the trailer. “It is not enough for me.”

When they decide to take to the ring for a good old-fashioned grudge match, it’s a “tale as old as time.” However, while the wrestling universe is easily delineated between heroes (aka “faces”) and villains (aka “heels”), the real word can be far less clean-cut. As the trailer promises, “People love the good guys as much as they hate the bad.”

Watch the trailer below:

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