Holby City spoilers: Max finally meets her daughter Lily – but it majorly backfires

MAX McGerry puts her foot in it when she runs off at the first sight of her estranged daughter Lily in tonight's episode of Holby City.

Max – who's played by Jo Martin on the BBC One soap – hasn’t clapped eyes on Lily in years after she lost her mother and father to the bottle.

Max has had a stressful time of late in Holby City after freezing the nurses’ budget and leaving the department seriously understaffed. 

To make matters worse, last week Max was shaken to the core when she received a letter from her estranged daughter Lily  – who she hasn’t clapped eyes on in years. 

The letter revealed that Lily is alive and well but wasn’t ready to put the past behind her with Max just yet. 

Max was distraught and took out her frustration on her colleagues. 

But when Ric realised something was up, Max eventually opened up to him about the letter.

When Ric went to pour Max a drink of whiskey, Max told him that she’s an alcoholic and that Lily lost both her dad and mum to the bottle.

In tonight’s episode of the medical drama, Max is a ball of nervous anticipation as she prepares to see her estranged daughter. 

Max struggles to keep her eye on the ball at work as a result as she frets about the forthcoming meeting with Lily.

When a patient turns up at AAU with neurological problems, Ange and Ric worry about whether Max is up to the job. 

Ric knows what’s causing Max’s nervous behaviour – but will he spill the beans to Ange?

Later, it’s fair to say the meeting doesn’t go to plan when Max panics at the mere sight of Lily and makes a dash for the hills. 

But has she blown her chances or is there time to make amends?

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