Holby City to finally return on Tuesday – six weeks after airing Zav’s sinister death – The Sun

HOLBY City will finally return next Tuesday after a six week hiatus amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The BBC medical drama was left on a cliffhanger on April 14 with doctor Zav Duval's shock death, after he discovered Cameron Dunn's (Nick Jackman) dark secret.

The sinister circumstances saw Cameron attempting to sabotage Zav's reputation at the hospital and destroy his relationship with Donna.

Next week, Guy Self (John Michie) will officially return to the hospital harbouring his secret romance with Max (Jo Martin).

But Ric (Hugh Quarshie) will be left suspicious of his return.

And Essie (Kaye Wragg) is set to battle her second round of hemotherapy, as her friends desperately try to keep life as normal as possible for her.

Holby's Marcus Griffiths lifted the lid on his character Xavier "Zav" Duval's shocking death last month.

The actor admitted he felt like Zav was a "sacrificial lamb" on the BBC soap, after he was knocked over by a cyclist during his mission to expose Cameron.

Zav was heading to the police station after finally securing enough evidence to prove Cameron had killed Evan Crowhurst (Jack Ryder).

But before he could get there, he collided with a man on a bike and suffered a fatal fall, hitting his head on the pavement.

Zav's devastating death has brought Marcus's two-year stint on Holby City to an end.

Discussing how he felt about the exit, Marcus told Digital Spy:  "You don't really have a choice – they are trying to make great TV at the end of the day."

He went on: "I think if you are going to go, you want to go out with something memorable that people are going to remember. As an actor, personally, I found it brilliant."

Marcus added that he liked how Zav came in as an "over-confident" character, who ended up "dying trying to do the right thing".

He said: "I thought that was a wicked, really awesome arc to end the character on. I do think Zav had to be the sacrificial lamb for it all to go down."

Holby City viewers had watched Zav growing convinced that Cameron was dangerous.

He realised the doctor had something do with Evan's death after observing his shifty reactions to the investigation that was taking place.

But Cameron had a few tricks of his own up his sleeve and recently manipulated Zav into thinking he’d poisoned him.

As a result, Zav made a fool of himself in the operating theatre.

Cameron then sent a text to Zav’s phone from the phone of a patient, leaving his relationship with Donna teetering on the edge.

Zav was suspended due to his odd behaviour but had vowed to expose Cameron for the killer and liar that he is.

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