Holly Willoughby told to close the curtains if she sunbathes her privates

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield got the giggles again as Swedish sex expert Asa Baav told them about yoni sunbathing.

Knowledgeable Asa was telling the hosts about different sex tips, teaching viewers how to spice things up in the bedroom.

Some of the tips were very sensible and practical, but Phil couldn't believe one idea in particular.

He raised his eyebrows at yoni sunbathing.

Holly said nervously: "One thing we haven't discussed on This Morning before, this is new to me, is yoni sunbathing.

"A yoni is a term describing all female sexual and reproductive organs. But sunbathing?" she asked curiously.

Asa explained: "It's a very beautiful way to connect to yourself, to your femininity. Exposing some light to that area, but of course, we need to be very careful.

"You will do it anything from five seconds up to five minutes, but not when it's very hot during the day."

Phil asked: "So if you don't have a garden, what do you do?"

"Just lie in a patch of sun in the sitting room?"

"Yes, or in the garden or outside," said Asa.

Phil turned to Holly and joked "Do me a favour, when I cycle past you, shut your curtains!" as Holly cracked up laughing.

Asa said it was liberating and freeing.

Phil laughed again "So Holly when I WhatsApp you and you can't reply, that's why! Sorry, I'm busy…"

Holly said: "It's a very cloudy day out there. Not today guys. Maybe tomorrow," as Phil laughed.

One viewer exclaimed: "Five seconds maybe but five minutes !!"

Another joked: "I knew my naked sunbathing was correct"

Someone else laughed: "Me lying shining the sun on my Fallopian tubes in the garden ain’t gonna terrify my neighbours"

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