Hollyoaks spoilers: Felix charms killer Grace Black by asking her out on a date as he arrives in the village – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS’ Felix Westwood sets his sights on killer Grace Black as he arrives in the village next week.

The gangster – who is played by actor Richard Blackwood in the Channel 4 soap – will arrive after being summoned by his daughter Celeste Faroe pretending to be her mother Martine.

But when he arrives in the village he accidentally splashes serial killer Grace’s expensive boots – but instead of dying for his troubles, he ends up with a date.

Grace shouts: “Oi you idiot, do you know how much these boots cost? You are going to pay for them so why don’t you get out of the car and face me like a real man.”

Felix climbs out of the car and tells her: “I’m not used to a manual. My Bugatti is being serviced, I don’t have a Bugatti and I’m an idiot.”

Offering her cash, Felix then said instead: “How about I take you for a drink to say sorry?”

But Grace should be worried as his ex Martine has previously told how dangerous he is.

She said: “Your father’s name is Felix Westwood. He was living in a foster home near our old house.

“He was charming funny, but there was another side to Felix. He’s dangerous, manipulative and intimidating. Other things were going on that I didn’t realise – theft, blackmail, violence. Anything to get cash.

“I was desperate for him to love me that I stayed silent. Felix is clever. He’s likeable, no-one would ever believe he would do these things."

Former EastEnders actor Richard Blackwood has joined the cast as evil Felix – and he will have a history with gangster Warren Fox too.

Warren previously told how Felix terrified him as they grew up in the same children's home by his abusive and evil actions towards animals.

But how bad will he be now?

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