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JOHNNY Vegas is a much-loved British comedian – whether he's starring in TV shows or making tea in adverts.

The actor has also shocked fans with his incredible weight loss.

Who is Johnny Vegas? What is his background?

Michael Joseph Pennington, 50  was born September 5, 1970, and is known professionally as Johnny Vegas.

He is an English actor and comedian.

He shot to fame in the early noughties in the PJ Tips adverts playing Al with his sidekick Monkey.

Since then Johnny has become best known for starring in ITV comedy, Benidorm and BBC's Home From Home.

What TV shows has Johnny been on?

Johnny has starred in a number of hit TV shows, and in 2020 has joined Taskmaster for its first series on Channel 4.

His shows include:

  • Ideal
  • Bleak House
  • Moone Boy
  • Red Dwarf
  • Still Open All Hours

What is Johnny's net worth?

Johnny has amassed quite a fortune during his career.

He is said to be worth around £8million.

This is through his acting career and endorsements.

Who is Johnny married to?

In August 2002, Johnny married Catherine "Kitty" Donnelly but they divorced in 2008.

They have a son, Michael Pennington Jr, together.

In April 2011, Johnny married columnist and Irish television producer Maia Dunphy and in 2015, the couple had their first child together.

On May 14, 2018, Maia announced via Twitter that the pair had separated.

Johnny met Maia on the set of Podge And Rodge and romance blossomed following an interview a few years later.

The couple lived apart during some of their marriage, with Johnny maintaining his base in the UK and Maia living in Dublin.

How has Johnny lost weight?

Johnny revealed his dramatic weight loss in a new selfie in July 2018.

The Benidorm actor has lost three stone since overhauling his diet by swapping fast food for healthy alternatives, following his marriage break up.

Johnny weighed 18 stone at his heaviest and is now working hard to get fitter.

Johnny previously tried to lose weight over a decade ago and said he wanted to get fit for his son.

He went on to lose five stone but put it back on again before embarking on another health kick.

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