'I Forced The Wedding': Teen Mom OG's Mackenzie Is Hiding Nothing About Her Marriage

After she asked him if he had been unfaithful while on the road, Josh told Mackenzie on Teen Mom OG that he was “inappropriate with things” at a bar. His hurtful revelation — and apology — caused Mackenzie to confess that she did not see the two surviving this ordeal. Now, on this week’s episode, Mackenzie maintained this stance: Josh wasn’t living with Mackenzie and their children, Josh abruptly exited Gannon’s eighth birthday and Mack confessed to her sister Whitney that Josh was “not her person.”

“He is the man who makes me feel ugly,” Mackenzie stated to her sibling. “Now I have no love to give him because I don’t even love myself.”

She continued with the admission that she “forced this relationship for nine years” — and the reason why was because she was 16 and pregnant with Gannon.

“I forced this all,” she confessed. “I forced the wedding. Walking down the aisle, I did not feel like he loved me.”

When Whitney pressed her on why she felt this way, Mackenzie attributed it to a gut feeling.

“When you know, you know,” she added. “I just knew I was doing this for Gannon. I hate that I married him, and I want this divorce.”

She continued that she has been “the unhappiest during the most important years” of her life — and how she wished she could go back to being sixteen and think more clearly.

While Josh didn’t articulate his current feelings, it’s going to be a tough road forward for the McKees. Keep watching Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs’ parents every Tuesday on Teen Mom OG at 8/7c.

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