Inside Anne Boleyn star Lola Petticrew’s London home with quirky décor

ANNE Boleyn star Lola Petticrew has been showing off her modern London home with chic décor.

Lola, 26, portrays Anne's love rival Jane Seymour in the Channel 5 historical drama.

The actress has given fans an insight into her stunning pad complete with quirky furniture and personal touches.

The Bloodlands star has unwind away from the cameras in her plush living room, with antique style mirrors and funky patterned furniture.

Lola has tastefully decorated her home with unique pieces of artwork in the lounge and a huge colourful rug.

The TV star has put her stamp on the home with three pendant spherical shaped chandeliers.

The star's bedroom is packed full of clothes and simply decorated with a beige colour palette.

Lola can catch up on her sleep in a huge bed positioned in front of a gold rimmed mirror.

She has attached a row of polaroid pics with her best pals along the mirror and is often seen posing in front of it for selfies.

The Three Families star can also cook up a storm in her kitchen with her modern kitchen.

Earlier this week,  Channel 5 viewers were left in shock after the queen shared a kiss with the future wife of Henry VIII.

Lola revealed that she was inspired to be an actress by Line of Duty star Vicky McClure.

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith, who portrays Tudor queen Anne, tenderly locked lips with love rival Jane Seymour, played by Lola, in the first instalment on Tuesday.

As well as a number of racy sex scenes between Jodie's character Anne and Henry VIII, depicted by Mark Stanley, there was an unlikely kiss.

After pregnant Anne is blindsided by the king taking a liking for one of her ladies in waiting, Jane, she pulls her aside to suss her new love rival.

Speaking to Bustle, she said: "I was always interested in acting, but I remember watching This Is England ’86, and looking at Vicky McClure, and thinking: "I want to do that."'

She also praised her supportive parents telling Grazia: "My mum and dad were always more sure that I could do it than I was.

"And they still are so supportive…It's actually incredible how supportive they are."

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