Is Jean Slater going to die in EastEnders? Kush gave the cleaner an overdose of prescription pills

JEAN Slater is set to collapse from a seizure TONIGHT in EastEnders after Kush and Shirley put extra medication into her tea.

The cleaner's friends and family have been growing increasingly concerned about Jean’s erratic outbursts and convinced themselves that she must have binned her medication. But what’s actually wrong with the cleaner and is Jean going to die on the BBC one soap.

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Is Jean Slater going to die in EastEnders?

The spoiler pic for tonight’s episode of EastEnders (May 12, 2020) above show Jean looking very worse for wear after Kush and Shirley secretly fed her extra prescriptions pills during last night's episode. 

Fans of the show were horrified by their stupidity and flocked to Twitter to express their concerns that Kush and Shirley’s meddling will kill Jean. 

One fan tweeted: "Kush and Shirley about to murder Jean with all that oh my god #EastEnders"

Another added: "Omg kush could kill Jean #EastEnders."

Sure enough, Jean’s health is only going to take a turn for the worse during tonight's episode when Kush and Shirley confront her about not taking her medicine. 

She insists that she has been taking it and storms off from Shirley and Tina’s sight, who then go searching for her. 

When they eventually find Jean they’re horrified by what they see – Jean convulsing on the floor from a seizure. 

But EastEnders are yet to confirm Jean’s fate, and fans will have to tune in to find out whether she'll be killed.

Why has Kush given Jean an overdose of prescription pills?

Kush and Shirley were left worried by Jean’s erratic behaviour last night after she rang the police to report Whitney Dean’s disappearance – despite Whitney having returned to the Square. 

When Kush confronted Jean, she was humiliated and charged into the restaurant to rage at Whitney for lying about her whereabouts and making Jean look stupid. 

Kush and Shirley then decided she must have stopped taking her bipolar medication – which would explain her mood swings – and secretly added her medication to her tea. 

What’s wrong with Jean in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans know that Jean has stopped taking her medication in the wake of Daniel’s death. 

So it’s not yet clear why Kush’s meddling makes Jean so ill – could he have got the dose wrong?

Speaking about Jean's story, Gillian Wright – who plays her – said: "Jean thought she was coping with Daniel's death very very well and he would be proud of her.

"He would want her to be more feisty, be more Jean and so she's thinking right, I'm doing really well, I'm not weeping and wailing all over the place so I don't need to take the tablets.

"She thinks she's dealing with it brilliantly. Clearly she isn't. If she didn't think she wasn't dealing with it brilliantly she wouldn't be acting the way that she is."

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