Is Michael Che from SNL married?

STAND-UP comedian Michael Che first joined Saturday Night live as a writer in 2013.

In 2017, Che and his Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost co-hosted the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Who is Michael Che?

Che, 37, is an American stand-up comedian, actor and writer, who is best known for his work on SNL.

He serves as co-anchor of SNL's Weekend Update along side Jost.

For a brief moment, Che was a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart before returning to SNL.

In September 2014, Che was announced as the new co-anchor of Weekend Update, taking over Cecily Strong's position for the 40th season of SNL.

Che became the first African-American co-anchor in the history of Weekend Update.

Is Michael Che from SNL married?

Che is not married, nor has he publicly stated that he is romantically involved with anyone.

In 2017, Che was called out by fashion designer Leah McSweeney who slammed the SNL player calling him "arrogant" and a "D-list" celebrity, after she encountered him on a dating app.

"I met a comedian, I’ve dealt with a few comedians. They are the worst, I don’t even know why I entertain this but I have to say…Michael Che is so arrogant and so rude and disrespectful that I cannot even believe that someone.

"You’re like a D-list celebrity to me, whatever, that’s why I don’t even care that I’m saying his name. McSweeney said at the time.

"Why are you on a dating app if you hate women? Literally, you’ve never met me and you’re texting me like I’m a stupid b****. Texting me and being mad rude."

However, text messages revealed Che shared with Page Six told a different story.

The series of text messages that started in September 2016 and ended in early January 2017, revealed several odd exchanges that didn't appear to support McSweeney's claims.

What did Che and Colin Jost tackle in their April 10 edition of Weekend Update?

Jost and Che weighed in on new allegations made against their “favorite Florida congressman.”

“Matt Gaetz is back in the news. But this time, it’s good,” said Jost. “I’m kidding, it’s still the sex stuff.”

During the segment, Jost said, Gaetz, ”who looks like all the dudes from American Pie combined," sent $900 via Venmo to an alleged sex trafficker.

Subsequently, the trafficker is said to have forwarded the same amount to young women in payments labeled "Tuition and School".

“If true, [this] would make him the only congressman actually helping with student loans," Jost joked.

Later, Che tackled Senator Mitch McConnell’s response to corporations like Coca-Cola, which have boycotted Georgia over its new voting law.

“Senator Mitch McConnell denounced corporations opposing Georgia’s new voting law, saying that they should ‘stay out of politics,’” Che said.

“Coincidentally, ‘stay out of politics’ is also Georgia’s new rule for Black people.

“Former President Donald Trump also released a statement urging his followers to boycott Coca-Cola, which is surprising because I’d guess Don Jr would be the one who would have a problem with coke."

What is Che's net worth?

The comedian has reportedly amassed a $4million net worth, Celebrity Net Worth reports.

According to the outlet, Che's SNL salary is $15,000 per episode which works out to around $315,000 per season.

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