Is This The End For Teen Mom OG's Cheyenne And Matt?

Cheyenne’s beau Matt may have stated that he wanted to live on his own before moving in with the teen mom. But when Matt made the move to Los Angeles from Maryland, he found himself under Ryder’s mama’s roof. And during this week’s episode, the living situation finally came to a boiling point (a fight about asparagus in front of her loved ones was the tipping point) — and now their future is very much in limbo. Right before the pair was supposed to go on a family trip (on Cheyenne’s side) to Thailand.

“The way that you show love and the way that you receive love,” Matt explained. “I guess things weren’t being reciprocated in the way that I would have wanted them to.”

“I don’t have to be affectionate to show that I love you or to show that I care,” Cheyenne responded.

Ultimately, Chey posed that they need to “take a second” to contemplate what they truly want and stressed that she needed to process the aforementioned incident. And even though Matt was supposed to join her clan, she believed it would be “too awkward” for him to take part.

“I’m not mad at your decision,” he stated, adding he would give her space.

The scene concluded with Matt giving Chey a hug and saying, “I love you.” Their relationship status is somewhat unclear — so can the two “make it work”? Or will Chey and Matt soon be single? Give your predictions, and keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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