Jamie Foxx daughters left embarrassed by him as hes too old to be at a club

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx appeared on The One Show and revealed that he "continuously" embarrasses his daughters.

The comedian starred on Monday's programme and was also joined by fellow comic Rob Beckett and presenters Alex Scott and Jermaine Jenas.

Jamie appeared on the show to promote his new book titled 'Act Like You Got Some Sense… and other things my daughters taught me' and revealed some home truths.

During the show, presenter Jermaine asked him: "Are you an embarrassing dad or a fun dad?"

To which he replied: "Oh cmon I'm a fun dad but obviously an embarrassing dad sometimes I come in too hot being a comedian, too off the wall and they like 'dad, please calm down a little'.

"My daughter is now going to clubs and she's like 'you're not at the club, are you?' You can hear the music in the background and she like 'you're too old to do that'.

"Those types of things are continuously embarrassing and that's my job."

Jamie has two daughters Corinne Foxx, 27, and Annalise Bishop, 12.

This comes after The One Show viewers were left confused during Friday's episode when a story from a salon was aired with a double voiceover.

Fans of the show went on to social media to ask what was going on.

One viewer fumed: "Your first video had two voices dubbing it. A male and a female. I hope this was just a mistake! My mother didn't like it and it distracted from most of the video."

Another added: "What's with the dual voice over on the last item?"

"What's going on with the One Show sound?" questioned another.

This viewer listened closely: "Why is there a male voice in the Salon piece, closely followed by Angelica’s saying the same thing?"

"Your sound is screwed in the hairdresser chat segment. How can you have two people narrating at the same time?" said one.

One fan joked: "Can’t decide which voiceover to use for a VT package? Use both!"

Someone else asked: "What's going on with the voice over echo on hairdressing conversations?"

Another added kindly: "Eek, think you left the guide vo [voiceover] on the salon section! We still love you though" with a crying laughing and heart emoji.

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