Jeremy Clarkson reveals 'deadly' issue that 'screwed up' new farming show

JEREMY Clarkson has revealed a "deadly" issue that "screwed up" his new farming show.

The presenter will soon return to Amazon Prime Video for his brand new farming series called Clarkson's Farm.

Jeremy, 61, is swapping the fast cars and the famous Who Wants to be a Millionaire host's chair for the green-fingered and tiresome work of the farm in his new series on the giant streaming platform.

Viewers will see the Clarkson get to grips with the highs and lows that come with running a farm in the English countryside.

The Sun weekly columnist did claim Brexit has “screwed” up certain things he wanted to do on the farm.

He explained: "I mean Brexit has screwed us up because I tried to grow Durum wheat, which is a sort of wheat you used to make pasta and then I found out the other day that it's been stuck in the docks at Calais for three weeks, right in the middle of the planting season."

He added: "We couldn't get it out because of Brexit, so if you want some pasta next and hoping to buy it from a British supplier, sorry, you're gonna have to go and buy it from Italy if you can get it."

Other than Brexit, Jeremy also joked about other setbacks he faced when filming his show.

He remarked: "Weather, weather, weather, weather, Brexit, weather, COVID, weather, weather and sheep would be the 10 biggest problems that we had.”

Jeremy, who will be joined by Caleb, a young local farmer, shared his thoughts on if life on the farm has been made better or worse since the UK left the EU.

Jeremy replied: “It's unlikely to ever be for the better. I'm, you know, I was a Remainer. 

“So I mean, banning the neonicotinoids, which is what you're talking about was a necessary thing to do."

Recorded over the last few years, Clarkson’s Farm sees Jeremy learn the ropes while battling record-breaking weather conditions, the coronavirus pandemic, and Brexit.

Clarkson’s Farm drops on Amazon Prime Video on June 11.

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