John Torode takes swipe at MasterChef star after kitchen disaster: ‘Don’t admire that!’

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John, 55, and Gregg Wallace, 55, were once again on hand to critique the remaining contestants fighting it out to become this year’s Celebrity MasterChef champion. After being split into two teams and preparing dinners for workers at the National Breeding Centre for Guide Dogs, they were then back into the studio kitchen to be challenged individually. With the famous faces tasked with creating their favourite takeaway, former The Apprentice star Thomas Skinner, 29, had a bit of a disaster on the BBC cookery show.

Reviewing what the contestant was cooking, John said: “Thomas is promising us five different items. Coconut rice, coconut naan and coconut curry.

“Coconut in three things, that’s really, really rich. With that we’ve got cheesy peas and then alongside (that), we’ve got a bhaji.

“I admire Thomas’ ambition,” the professional chef went on to say, before taking a swipe at the scene he saw in front of him.

“I presently don’t admire his bench,” with the television reality star himself saying the state of his work area was “a mess”.

“Look at the mess I’mm making,” he laughed, with Gregg sure this was a challenge the amateur chef could excel in.


“You’ve got to be a takeaway man,” the judge remarked, with Thomas admitting he “loved a takeaway” and ate one “twice a week”.

Gregg went on to add the contestant was being “very ambitious” by trying to crack five dishes instead of one.

“Are you a gambling man? What are the chances of all five of these dishes turning out okay?” the critic asked.

“About 50/1 at the minute,” the reality television star joked, before stating his naan and rice had burnt and the bhajis were falling apart.

I presently don’t admire his bench

John Torode

It was then time to get both of the judges to comment on what he had managed to produce, whether burnt or not.

John started off by saying he really enjoyed the contestant’s paneer with peas but stated he had “problems” with the rest of Thomas’ offerings.

“Your bhajis are burnt, your naan hasn’t worked – it’s burnt on the outside and it’s way too thick.

“The rice, it’s coconut rice pudding, isn’t it? The curry itself, the lamb is well cooked but very, very sweet.”

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“Thomas, you are aware there are some issues here, there really are,” Gregg said as he began his critique.

“However, I’ve got to give you 10 out of 10 for bravery, I really have,” the judge commented before he and his co-star decided who was going home.

With just two episodes left to go of the season, John and his colleague had to say farewell to at least one of the celebrities.

Unfortunately, it was Thomas who was given his marching orders, though he wasn’t too disheartened to be falling just short of the Grand Finale.

Taking to Twitter, fans had their say on the result, with one writing: “@iamtomskinner brilliant Thomas takeaway looked class don’t listen to John and Greg but Cheesy peas?? #celebritymasterchef.”

Another added on the social media platform: “@iamtomskinner should go through to the final #CelebrityMasterChef.”

A third commented: “Close call tonight but I’d be well happy if @iamtomskinner cooked up a curry night for me. Well done fella #celebritymasterchef.”

“@iamtomskinner hope you see you on tv again soon, you’re brilliant on everything and such a joy to watch Relieved face #celebritymasterchef,” a fourth shared.

Celebrity MasterChef continues Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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