Josie Gibson threatens to QUIT This Morning live on air as a rollercoaster throws her upside down and she's almost sick

JOSIE Gibson threatened to quit This Morning when she had a terrifying experience on a rollercoaster live on air.

The Bristolian TV star was heard telling herself "I'm this close to quitting" after a gut-busting ride on Colossus at Thorpe Park.

The 36-year-old roving reporter was sent to the Surrey theme park in the pouring rain today to chat to half term families.

But the former Big Brother star was soon sent to test the park's ten-loop rollercoaster.

Josie screamed the whole way around the ride and looked horrified when it finally pulled to a stop.

Back in the studio Alison Hammond was in hysterics and Dermot O'Leary insisted they send her around for a second go.

"Be kind!" Josie pleaded as she begged to get off the ride.

Viewers loved watching Josie be a good sport.

"Josie has been brilliant this week… today was very funny. Such a good sport you are," one tweeted.

"Josie is a legend. No way would you see me on that ride. Her hair at the end lol," another added.

"I hope Josie gets a spa weekend after all of that!" a third wrote.

It's not the first time Josie has been put through her paces by the show.

Last month she tumbled screaming into a lake live on the show.

Viewers then watched on in horror as she was hauled out by a nearby man – with her bum filling the screen.

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