Kate Garraway's husband Derek gears up to see parents for first time in over a year after returning home

KATE Garraway’s husband Derek Draper is gearing up to see his parents for the first time in over a year after returning home this week.

The 53-year-old psychologist was unable to see his elderly mum and dad during his 12 and a half month stint in hospital due to strict Covid-19 regulations. 

His parents, grandparents to the couple’s kids Darcey, 15, and Billy, 11, have been in regular touch over FaceTime but are now hoping to visit their son in person.

They are understood to have now been vaccinated, and hope to see Derek imminently. 

A source said: “Poor Derek has had barely any human interaction over the past 12 months – the only real physical contact he’s had is with doctors and nurses.

“His folks live in Lancashire and have suffered terribly throughout his illness.

"At the height of lockdown, and after the Tier system got brought in, they weren’t allowed to visit Derek – even after he became more responsive.

“Like all of Derek’s friends and family, they’re delighted their son is back home, surrounded by those he loves. 

“Kate has been absolutely brilliant since his return – as she has throughout his entire battle with Covid – and has been in touch with them constantly on the phone and over FaceTime.

“Derek already seems so much more engaged and happier in himself, back in his home environment.

"There’s a huge mountain to climb, but there is so much goodwill out there for him and the family.”

On Friday Kate confirmed Derek was back home, and spoke of her happiness at the breakthrough.

He is now off all machines, but has 24/7 care.

He is also living in the family’s living room in a hospital bed.

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