Katie Price says she auditioned to be in Sex And The City as the 'hot nanny' – but didn't get the role

KATIE Price has revealed she once audtitoned to be in Sex And The City as the “hot nanny”.

The 42-year-old failed to the get the job in the film of the iconic series, with the role going to Alice Eve instead. 

The mum-of-five didn’t seem too worried about not getting it though as she struggled to even remember the name of the hit American show.

Speaking on podcast The Fellas, Katie – who auditioned in 2009- said: “I auditioned to be the hot babysitter on that and obviously, I clearly didn’t get it.”

She continued: “I have never done acting and that. I would eventually like to do a film about my life but I wouldn’t want to act it. I would want to get someone to do it.”

Quizzed on who she would like to play her, she replied:  “I have thought about it, I would like to say, I clearly look different all the time.

"Carmen Electra is one. I have done a shoot with Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson and the photographer used to say I was in between them both back then.

“Julia Roberts in my younger days – she’s got the curly hair, but she’s older now.”

Speaking previously about the audition, Katie said: “I recently went to LA where I was doing my acting lessons for Sex and the City Part 2. They want a big-breasted English glamour girl and I have had the audition.”     

Alice Eve, who is also English, played Erin in the sequel to the first Sex and the City movie.

She went on have a series of big roles since then, picking up  acting credits in HBO series Entourage, rom-com The Decoy Bride and Star Trek Into Darkness.

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