Kelly Osbourne launches acting career as mum Sharon quits US show The Talk

SHARON Osbourne has just quit her job on US telly but another member of her family will soon be taking to the screen.

Daughter Kelly is reinventing herself as an actress.

The former reality star has revealed she has sold four different ideas to TV channels, which will see her taking her debut roles.

Kelly spent several months writing during lockdown last year, following a three-year break from work when she ploughed her life savings into recovery from addiction to booze.

And 16 years after the end of her family’s raucous MTV show The Osbournes, she hinted one of her upcoming projects could be a return to reality TV, while others will involve music and fashion.

In a new interview, London-born Kelly said: “I’m a full-blown actress. I started a project two months after getting sober.

“I am in training every day and in acting classes every day and really preparing for this new thing that all starts and stops with me being good at it, so it’s a lot of pressure.

“I also sold three more TV shows this week. It’s all what I did in quarantine.

“I was like, ‘I want to do a TV show about this and I want to do this about that’.

“It all happened because I just sat behind my com­pu­ter and was like, ‘I’m just going to do it’.

“I’ve got terrible anxiety from it all but it’s my dreams and my dreams are finally coming true.

“When it goes through, I will have three TV shows on one network and one on another.”

It was revealed last month that her mum Sharon was leaving US show The Talk — America’s answer to Loose Women — after more than a decade.

It followed an on-air spat while defending pal Piers Morgan’s view of Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

But Kelly’s career is heading in a more positive direction.

She has a strong team on board, working with English dir­ector Elliott Lester, who brought us the 2011 Jason Statham film Blitz, and US screenwriter Kevin Bisch, who was behind Will Smith’s 2005 movie Hitch.

However, she has admitted that the career move has only been possible because she spent so much time in recovery from her issues and is now three and a half years sober.

She said on The Filling With Anna Barnett podcast: “I am an addict. I am an alcoholic, I have ADHD and OCD.

"So when I am allowed to be left on my own with my own thoughts, I am a f***ing crazy person.

“I was very lucky that I had the opportunity to go down the roads that I’ve gone to in recovery. It is an expensive road, I acknowledge that.

“I took three years off work and used every single bit of my savings I had left to pay for it.

“Literally I was in therapy every day for the first year. I was like, if I don’t do this, if I don’t give myself this one chance, I’m done.”

Good for her.

Hologram act bit of a Payne

LIAM Payne has worn his fair share of dodgy outfits over the years, but this motion-capture suit is up there among the weirdest.

The former One Direction singer posed in the skin-tight kit ahead of Sunday’s EE Baftas, where he will perform in augmented reality.

His outfit will transform his movements into a 3D animation, which viewers will be able to watch by downloading The Round app on their phones.

Liam, who will also appear as a hologram at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Baftas opening performance, which begins on BBC1 at 7pm, said: “To be able to perform live via my very own avatar blows my mind a little bit.”

I’m as eager as anyone to get the live music industry up and running again.

But I’m not convinced I will ever be rushing out to see a hologram dancing on stage.

And the last thing I want in the future is to have to watch gigs with a headset at home.

Boyleing point

MAROON 5’s Adam Levine reckoned “there aren’t any bands any more”.

But the singer has not got his finger on the pulse of the charts.

Scots The Snuts are challenging Demi Lovato for the No1 spot this week, with their debut album W.L. outselling the US star’s Dancing With The Devil . . .   The Art Of Starting Over proving the pull of an indie band is still alive and well.

One of the things I’ve missed most in the past year is seeing my favourite bands live, there’s nothing like it.

The Killers, U2 and Metallica continue to make incredible music and prove there’s still demand.

And there are plenty more too, with music veterans Texas announcing their new record today.

The group, fronted by Sharleen Spiteri, will release Hi, their tenth studio album, on May 28, followed by a UK tour next spring.

There might not be as many bands as there once were, but the ones we do have deserve to be celebrated.

Gill tops bill

GILLIAN Anderson left her The Crown co-stars Emma Corrin and Olivia Colman seeing red at the Screen Actors Guild Awards – and not just because of her dress.

She pipped them to the post yesterday to win the Female Actor in a Drama Series gong for the Netflix smash, in which she played ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Olivia and Emma did have their time to shine though, as the show also scooped the Ensemble in a Drama Series prize for the cast.

Fellow Brit Sacha Baron Cohen also picked up a cast award for the film The Trial Of The Chicago 7, while The Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy and Schitt’s Creek’s Catherine O’Hara got glammed up to collect gongs too.

But given the whole event was conducted over Zoom, they might as well have just stayed in their PJs.

Ezra's LP anxiety

THE countdown is on for the follow-up to George Ezra’s hit 2018 album Staying At Tamara’s.

That should be exciting news to his fans, although as he races to finish the record after a three-year wait, George has admitted he is not looking forward to it.

The singer-songwriter, who confessed he is “not sleeping at all” because he is wracked with anxiety, said: “I think I’m actually on track, and then some.

“We’re doing very well for what needs to be done, and when.

“Subconsciously I know what comes after delivering an album. It’s the promoting and touring of a record and it’s a unique existence and one I love and also find very difficult at times.

“That is part of it. I am pre-empting . . . This is my body’s version of a running jump and it’s kind of, ‘Let’s get used to you being able to smile under any circumstances’.

“I am nervous about it because . . . It’s all relative to my life and circle. It’s a huge undertaking.”

While George acknowledged he is fortunate to have made it in music, the Budapest singer said the process of promoting and touring often feels a world away from his normal life.

Chatting with his co-host Ollie MN on their Phone A Friend podcast, he continued: “It kind of makes me a little bit sad when I say it out loud, but I have done it with both of my previous albums, I see it as separate to my life.

“I see it as a thing, that at the end of this thing, there’s my life. And that’s a sad thing. It’s not good for anybody.”

His first two albums each topped the chart, with his second becoming the best-selling British album of 2018, shifting almost 700,000 copies.

It featured hit songs Paradise, Hold My Girl and Shotgun, which became his first No1 single.

I imagine I’d be having sleepless nights if I had the pressure of releasing something to try to match the success of that too.

But after a year locked inside, I’m sure George will be raring to go by the time he actually gets the chance to get up on stage again.

Kendall's frock and awe

THEY say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And if that’s right it seems Kendall Jenner is a big fan of Selena Gomez – after she snapped up the same floral frock the singer wore in the music video for her song De Una Vez.

But Selena’s fans were less than happy when Kendall then appeared to throw a bit of shade in the singer’s direction.

After the reality star posted her snap on Twitter she then reposted a message from a fan account which read: “Kendall Jenner pulling off this dress better than anyone else.”

Kendall quoted the tweet and wrote, “Had to take it home from set”, alongside a love heart emoji.

After Selena’s fans rounded on her, the tweet was deleted from Kendall’s account.

Who knew a flowery dress could create so much drama?

Jax teams up with Mabel

JAX Jones has produced Mabel’s new single, which takes inspiration from Cece Peniston’s 1991 party classic Finally.

Mabel has been hard at work on her second album in both London and LA and DJ Jax teased that the music is almost ready.

He told Radio 1: “I produced a track for her album. I think it might be a single.

"Do you know what’s exciting? It’s taken inspiration from a classic house track, CeCe Peniston vibes. It’s very exciting.”

The last time Jax and Mabel collaborated was on 2018 single Ring Ring, which got to No12.

Given that they have both seen their profiles soar since then, I’m expecting big things.

Lizzo getting busy-o

WHILE many of us were enjoying a four-day weekend, Lizzo was working on new music, which may even include collaborations with Harry Styles and Rihanna.

The Truth Hurts singer has promised big things from her next record and hinted she was planning to get into the studio with Harry.

In an Instagram Live in the early hours of Saturday, she said: “New music is motherf***ing coming.

“Are you and Harry going to collab? I have a collab with him this weekend. I’m going to call him.”

She also said she is hoping to persuade Rihanna to work with her after writing a song for them both.

Lizzo explained: “Rihanna is busy but you know what is crazy?

“I have been wanting to hit her up. I’m scared, though.

“I’ma just DM her and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a song for us’.

“I do have a song. I might just do it.

“This music is going to be very uplifting, very fun and very necessary.

“I am making the music that I need to hear after the year we’ve had.”

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