Larry Lamb drops VERY promising hint there's more Gavin & Stacey on the way

LARRY Lamb has dropped a VERY promising hint that there's more Gavin & Stacey on the way.

The 73-year-old actor – who played lovable Mick Shipman in the BBC One comedy – said he's ready to reprise his role.

Asked if there will be more episodes, he told Metro: "I think it would be pretty short-sighted if there wasn't.

"I'd be happy to do more. Everybody that's involved with it sees it as a team event. If they're doing more, you're part of it."

The TV star also starred as Archie Mitchell in EastEnders – but said that he is recognised more for his appearance in the comedy show.

He said: "I've had people say to me, 'You were in EastEnders – were you Dirty Den?'

"But I get recognised much more as Mick Shipman from Gavin & Stacey. It had such a huge audience."

Larry said that appearing in the two shows was "life-changing", which lead to a variety of opportunities.

He shared: "Those two shows changed my life completely and meant I could do a lot of things I'd always really wanted to do. I'm a history nut and was doing history programmes and things for The One Show.

"I also did a travel show with my son George, interviews, game shows, being a celebrity. I was busy all he time but very little acting. It was a welcome change in my career."

Last month, James Corden dropped the biggest hint yet that the show could return – but it would probably be the last instalment.

James and his fellow writer and cast member Ruth Jones have been constantly asked about the prospect of more ­episodes after the last Gavin & Stacey on Christmas Day 2019 was a huge hit.

And when Zoe Ball probed him about it on her Radio 2 Breakfast Show yesterday, he said: “As it stands right now, there aren’t any plans to do one, but that’s not to say that there isn’t the want or the inclination to do one.

“I think it would be a shame to leave it there. That’s my ­feeling and I think Ruth feels the same.

"It doesn’t feel like the end of a book, it feels like the end of a chapter.

"But I do feel like if we ever did another one that would be the end of it.”

James and Ruth, who play Smithy and Nessa in the show, said they won’t be giving away many more hints.

Despite the sitcom’s Christmas special pulling in almost 12million viewers, the modest duo don’t want to build up people’s hopes, only to dash them.

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