Line of Duty's Craig Parkinson wades in on key fan theories about Patricia Carmichael and Marcus Thurwell

LINE of Duty's Craig Parkinson has waded in on key fan theories about Patricia Carmichael and Marcus Thurwell.

The actor, who played Dot Cottan in the BBC crime drama, appeared to rubbish claims that Patricia Carmichael is 'H'.

Craig joined presenters Alex Jones and Amol Rajan on The One Show yesterday ahead of the final episode.

The actor confirmed that he has seen the concluding episode but kept tight-lipped and declined to confirm the identity of 'H'.

The hosts used this opportunity to quiz him on fan theories, he told them: "I bet you wanna know that don't you… I can neither confirm nor deny that I know who H is. You better do some better questioning than that."

Alex then pointed out he probably didn't want to ruin the finale for viewers,to which he responded: "Exactly!"

Amol asked Craig: "Debbie says I think Carmichael, i.e Anna Maxwell Martin, is bent. What would you say to that Craig?"

Craig shut down the idea replying: "I'd say that's a ridiculous comment, go back to the whiteboard."

Craig played the first 'H' aka The Caddy to be revealed, so has plenty of experience keeping things quiet.

Although the TV star wasn't giving much away, he went onto deny rumoursthat Marcus Thurwell was still alive.

Viewers were baffled that James Nesbitt would be cast to appear in one scene.

Sceptical fans also claimed that they had spotted him in a video shown in the last episode.

In response to a viewers theory that Marcus was really alive, he replied: "Really Bev? Delete your Facebook account, that is completely ridiculous."

Craig then suggested James only appeared as an image because they couldn't afford him full-time.

However Craig's hints could all be a clever rouse to just to mess with our minds.

The actor also refused to confirm if this was the last series, admitting that he truly doesn't know.

He said: "I tried really hard to crack Jed Mercurio, and it was impenetrable. He wouldn't tell me, I was dying to know if this is the end and he deflected my question like a politician."

The previous episode of the BBC1 drama saw DI Kate Fleming, played by Vicky McClure, 37, and Acting Chief Supt Jo Davidson, played Kelly Macdonald, 45, arrested over the shooting of bent copper PC Ryan Pilkington after a stand-off.

Jo was grilled by anti-corruption officers from AC-12 in one of the show’s famous interrogation scenes and raised suspicion with her constant answers of “no comment”.

The action is building up to reveal the name of criminal mastermind H.

He is the fourth man of an organised crime group that includes corrupt top cops within Central Police.

So far viewers have learned Matthew “Dot” Cottan, Derek Hilton and Gill Biggeloe are the other three bent figures within the force.

The main suspects in the firing line are Jo, Supt Ted Hastings, DCS Patricia Carmichael, CC Philip Osborne, DCI Marcus Thurwell and Det Supt Ian Buckells.

So will we finally find out who the fourth person is?

Line of Duty series six concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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