Love Island stars raciest moments on the show

With Love Island preparing to bring the next season of the show to our screens, fans will be wondering what exciting things the Love Islanders will be getting up to and what type of controversies we may get from it.

Along with controversy and fun though, there have been a lot of saucy moments throughout the show that got fans excited over the years of production, from strip teases to full blown sex within the villa.

With that in mind, Daily Star is looking back at some of the raciest instances from prior seasons as fans gear up for the upcoming season on Monday.

Megan Barton Hanson’s Strip Tease

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In a boys vs girls challenge to see who can get the others heart racing fastest, both groups had a large selection of outfits and costumes to choose from.

Laura Anderson sported a devil outfit while Dani Dyer came out in a cheerleading outfit but what wowed the lads and fans was Megan Barton Hanson as she turned up in a Moulin Rouge inspired outfit.

She had a hard time keeping everything contained as she took part in the challenge, rubbing her assets in the faces of the men and even snogging her partner at the time Wed Nelson.

While she didn’t win the challenge, she had got everyone’s attention with her performance.

Maura Higgins sucking on an Ice Lolly

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When Maura Higgins decided she wanted Tommy Fury to be her partner, there wasn’t much that would get in her way.

Fans were shocked at a key moment where Maura ate an ice lolly in a particularly suggestive manner while making eye contact with Tommy to get his attention.

Fans jumped on Twitter to discuss the moment, with one saying: "Is Maura sex mad or what?! No need to eat a lolly like that."

Despite her efforts to wow Tommy with the move, he ended up picking Molly-Mae Hague, leading to one fan to post: "Maura nearly gave herself a brain freeze giving Tommy sex eyes with an ice lolly and he still didn’t pick her…"

Emma-Jane Woodhams and Terry’s over the covers romp

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One of the most shocking moments within Love Island so far was between Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams as they had sex on top of the covers.

With cameras dotted around the house it’s expected for the stars of the show to try and maintain some privacy in their most intimate moments by getting under the covers but Emma had thought if it was all visible then ITV couldn’t legally show the deed being done.

Little did she know, they could and did air the scene, leading to outrage from viewers as they witnessed the pair getting it on in full view of the public.

As complaints about the moment came in, Ofcom had to publicly speak on the incident being aired to say it hadn’t breached any broadcasting rules.

In an interview with New! Magazine after the show ended, Emma said: “There's not a day goes by I don't wish I hadn't done that.”

Zara and Alex's life-changing fling

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While Alex Bowen and now wife Olivia Bowen were building upon their relationship within the villa, a spanner was thrown into the works as Zara Holland picked Alex for a night at the hideaway.

While Alex and Olivia both expressed their distaste in the option to take Alex, it didn’t stop him from enjoying a night of fun with Zara for the world to see.

While Alex was forgiven for his part by Olivia, Zara received the bad news of having been stripped of her Miss Great Britain title for the part she played in the act.

After leaving the villa after her mother fell ill, Zara was left to face the public backlash for the move.

Zara later spoke out against the show for what happened that night, saying: “You think you're on a summer holiday and you might find love, but you are in a posh prison where you don't know what time it is and a voice in a wall tells you what to do. That show screwed me up. I blame it for everything. What it does to the contestants is terrible.”

Terry and Malin get caught having sex

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Having sex knowing it’s going to be viewed by the public is one thing but to do it in the company of others is another.

This didn’t stop Terry and Malin though as while the group sat about having a conversation in the middle of the day from their own beds, the pair decided to slip under the sheets and try to secretly have a moment with each other.

This goes about as well as you think, with the group almost immediately understanding what’s happening, leading them to all remain in the room and watch, eventually leading to them cheering the couple on as it became more and more clear what was happening under the sheets.

Terry and Malin would eventually split, with Terry leaving Malin for Emma-Jane.

Cara de la Hoyde dressed up in leather with a whip

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While fans and contestants are used to the typical Love Island scenes of stripping and sex, it was when the girls donned leather outfits for the boys that fans were surprised.

A number of the girls chose to stick to their bikini’s for the private striptease but it was Cara de la Hoyde that made Nathan and fans for mad as she donned a leather police woman costume for the role.

Showing off her figure and teasing with a whip, she made quite a show of the appearance, stunning everyone who caught the episode.

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