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MARRIED At First Sight UK fans were left shocked after bride Gemma offended her husband on their wedding day with crude jokes.

Despite Gemma and Matt getting off to an almost perfect start on the E4 show it was soon clear that the MAFS couple had a different sense of humour after the bride made some crude remarks.

During their meal, she said: "I can't believe I get to live with you" causing her mum to start laughing, before Gemma continued: "Shut up, I'm good to live with!" to which Matt asked why her mother would be laughing.

The bride then quipped: "She just thinks we're going to be s****ing constantly!", before she joked to her new husband: "Better get used to the taste of fish!" as he was left stunned.

One fan posted: "You better get used to the taste of fish' Can't lie my jaw hit the floor", while another shocked fan tweeted: "'Better get used to the taste of fish' why did she lead with that???"

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  • Louis Allwood

    How much do Married at First Sight contestants get paid?

    Married At First Sight producers are yet to reveal if their contestants are paid a salary.

    However, Nasser Sultan, who appeared in season five of Married at First Sight Australia, revealed how much he got paid.

    He told “You get $150 for the day, that’s it.

    “But on top of that, you have to pay expenses – your living expenses with the woman that you marry.”

    He added: “It’s not $150 clear. You still have to pay rent if you’re renting, you’ve gotta pay your rego and it’s 12-hour filming days.”

    As $150 is around £78, this could be what UK contestants are paid while filming.

    So if the cast were to get paid for five days of work a week it would work out to them earning around £1580 a month.

    Another previous MAFS contestant Clark Sherwood, has spoken out about the money situation, saying: “There’s no financial gain from going on the show.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Is there a prize for staying married?

    There is no prize and no one is crowned a winner on MAFS.

    However, if you stay married you have “won” the chance to be in love.

    You could say that’s better than any cash prize.

  • Louis Allwood

    Do Married at First Sight couples sign prenups?

    Prenups cannot be issued when taking part in MAFS.

    This is because each couple’s marriage isn’t technically real.

    They say vows, and exchange rings, but they aren’t really married.

    If they decide to “stay married” they will then enter into a full time relationship.

    The couple can then decide if they want to get married for real.

    One MAFS pair who did this for real was Cam and Jules from the popular Aussie version of the show.

  • Louis Allwood

    Married at First Sight fans slam new couple

    MAFS made history last night as it introduced two new couples.

    But fans are already fuming at one pair, Johnathan and Sophie who seem like a total mismatch.

    Sophie is work focused and loves lavish gifts, while Johnathan enjoys the more simple things in life.

    “Already feeling like Johnathan is too nice for Sophie. Why do the experts mismatch people?” wrote one, followed by a crying emoji.

    A second added: “So is the experiment throwing total opposites together and seeing how it pans out! The success rate on this show is very if we are honest, this experiment does not work!”

  • Louis Allwood

    April looks ahead to her future in reality TV

    Married at First Sight star April has spoken about her future in television, claiming she is not “ready” to star in another show quite yet.

    “It hasn’t necessarily put me off. I would never say no, but I’m not sure I would say yes,” she explained.

    “I’ve come out of this with not only learning a lot about myself but amazing friendships that will last a lifetime.

    “But I’m not ready [for another reality show] yet, at the moment I’m just trying to get myself through this one.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Are Tayah and Adam still together?

    Tayah and Adam can only be described as the most loved-up couple from series six.

    Both during the show and after the couple have gone from strength to strength.

    The pair have started expanding their family with adorable cockapoo pup River and Tayah is now pregnant with their first baby.

  • Louis Allwood

    MAFS is ‘so emotional’ that dating experts go to therapy

    Married At First Sight’s experts Charlene Douglas, 41, Paul C Brunson, 47, and Mel Schilling, 50, have discussed the “emotional” impact the show can have.

    The hit E4 show has returned, packed with new concepts and participants, with the experts admitting it’ll promise “more drama than ever before.”

    In an exclusive chat with The Sun, expert Charlene admitted that while she finds it easy to separate her personal life with her role on the show, she goes to therapy because it can be “emotionally taxing.”

    She shared: “I go to therapy – for me it’s easy to separate the two, I love working with couples and I love what I do and I think it’s the most beautiful thing to help couples to move forward and progress.

    “That said it can be emotionally taxing, so it’s important for me that when I come back home I am back to reality with my family, friends and dog because that keeps me sane and that’s so important.

    “That way you’ll get a better version of me when I am back on set with the couples.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Are the MAFS weddings legally binding?

    Despite exchanging vows and rings, marriages on Married at First Sight UK are not legally binding. 

    A spokesperson for the show told “Following the Australian format, rather than legal marriages, the couples will make a lifelong commitment to one another at a glamorous ceremony.

    “This is overseen by a wedding celebrant, that includes guests, bridal gowns, dancing, speeches and cake.” 

    Although the weddings aren’t technically legal, couple can choose to get married for real at the end of the series.

  • Louis Allwood

    Who pays for the weddings on MAFS?

    It’s not exactly clear who pays the full amount, but Channel 4 foot the bill for the venue.

    So far the most expensive nuptials has been held at North Mymms Park Hertfordshire’s Grade I Listed Elizabethan Stately Home and Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire.

    According to Stelrad, Channel 4 bosses may have splashed as much as £24,850 on the reality stars’ big day if held at the latter.

    That includes venue hire, £2,000 catering for 100 guests, £650 wedding cake, £1,200 flowers and £1,900 photography.

    Brides were also given a £1,600 budget for dresses.

    North Mymms park came in cheaper at a total of £15,850.

    It’s a pricey risk for Channel 4 seeing as only one of the matched couples has stayed together across the past five series.

  • Louis Allwood

    MAFS ‘was quite a difficult experience’

    While speaking to FUBAR Radio, Bob Voysey opened up about the stresses of filming the show.

    “I rely a lot on friends and family for emotional support and I like to talk about my feelings openly. When that’s taken out of your hands because you don’t have your phone on you for the whole time you’re filming… that was quite a difficult experience,” he said.

    He went on to say: “You rely on all the other people in the experiment, and they’ve got their own marriages they’re trying to figure out, so that was really tough emotionally and it really drains you.”

  • Louis Allwood

    MAFS scheduled to return tomorrow

    The show takes a weekend break from Friday to Sunday, before returning on Monday night at 9pm.

    If you missed last week’s episodes, you can catch up on All4.

  • Louis Allwood

    How do you join the cast of Married at First Sight UK?

    Not only have contestants gone on to get married and stay married, many have claimed to learn a lot about themselves.

    The idea of joining the cast of Married at First Sight seems like a no-brainer, so here’s how to join if you’re thinking about it.

    To apply to be on MAFS UK all you need to do is send an email with your name, age, and contact number to [email protected]

    Applicants must be over 18, and not have been married before.

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