Naked Attraction horror as contestant reveals horrific sex accident – but sent the girl a Moonpig card to say sorry

A Naked Attraction contestant shocked viewers with his most horrifying sex accident on the Channel 4 show last night.

He said to apologise to the woman involved – after he tore her vagina – he ordered her a personalised card from Moonpig.

Naked Attraction fans were left gobsmacked before bedtime when they tuned in to hear the muscly contestant explain how he once caused a vaginal tear during a vigorous romp – then sent his lover a card as she recovered from the injury.

IT consultant Iain, who is also a wrestler, made the incredible confession when chatting to show host Anna Richardson while inspecting the lower halves of the female contestants standing in the pods.

He told her: "Being a wrestler, there’s a lot of power involved.

"So this one time, it was all going pretty well, I was putting the power down, and then I slipped out, and for me it was like punching a shark on the nose, banging against the wrong part you know, for her it sort of bled after that."

Anna came to the conclusion that the woman had a vaginal tear, and Iain admitted said he felt he had to make it up to her – with an apology card.

Anna cried with laughter, and when she finally composed herself she said: "Not flowers, not chocolates… amazing."

Of course, people at home were also shocked at his sensational confession.

Some viewers were impressed with his way to make amends.

One said: "He sounds like quite a gent!"

Another wrote on Twitter: "Ian sending a moonpig card to apologise to a woman after performing a vaginal Tear has left me speechless"

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