NBC News’s Kate Snow Says Husband Chris Bro Is Sick With Coronavirus Symptoms

In the wake of her absence on NBC Nightly News, Kate Snow posted a video on Twitter explaining that she hasn’t been on the news program because husband, Chris Bro has been showing coronavirus symptoms.

“My kids and I are healthy,” she wrote on Twitter. “Chris is strong and we’re hopeful he’ll be better soon. Please send good thoughts and prayers our way.”

In the video, she said that Bro is displaying symptoms and is self-isolating in their home. He has yet to get tested because he doesn’t want to infect her or anyone in the house.

She dons a face mask and gloves to goes down to the basement guest room to bring him lunch. “This is what my life is now, taking care of him,” she said.

Adhering to social distancing, she talked to her husband through the door where he was staying and interviewed him. He said that he has coronavirus symptoms of body aches, fever and tightness in the chest, but is feeling “a little bit better.”

Watch the video below.

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