Neighbours’ Toadie Rebecchi heartache teased as secret Melanie romance exposed

Neighbours' Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) have started to embark on an office romance after growing closer whilst working together.

In forthcoming scenes, Mackenzie is stunned when she sees Toadie treating Melanie particularly harshly, and confronts him about his behaviour.

Whilst Toadie agrees to tone it down, viewers know that he has been picking on Melanie to try and cover up their secret romance.

Later in the week, Toadie and Melanie hook up during work hours, and Mackenzie soon becomes suspicious by his smug smile and Melanie's dishevelled appearance.

Are the pair about to be discovered?

Ryan and Lucinda have teased the future for the couple, and it doesn't look good for Toadie as he and Melanie appear to be on very different pages.

Speaking to Daily Star, Ryan said: "At this moment, they are just going with the flow, they don’t want to complicate things.

"However, we’ll see down the track, they both need to decide what direction they want to take the relationship in…basically, do they want be adult about what they’re doing?"

Lucinda added that she isn't sure whether the pair could work together as a proper couple, because of Melanie's impulsive and flighty nature.

She said: "I think they genuinely like each other, I think their feelings take them by surprise but they don’t know if it can work as a relationship…

"I think Melanie is ready to settle down, but she can be quite impulsive making her quite a tricky prospect for Toadie.

"I think they make a great team and I’d like to see them stay together, but who knows what the future holds for them whatever it is I’m sure it won’t be dull!"

Will the pair be able to work things out or is this romance going to be short-lived?

Fans know that Toadie has been through a lot over the years and has been very unlucky in his love life, especially in recent years.

Not only did he lose his first wife Dee Bliss on the day of their wedding, she returned from the dead, but not before her twin ruined his marriage and had a child with him.

He then lost his beloved wife Sonya Rebecchi after she lost her battle with cancer, and he has struggled to meet anyone since then.

Could Toadie be set for more heartbreak as he falls for Melanie?

Neighbours airs on weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5.

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