Never Rarely Sometimes Always' Sidney Flanigan on Her 'Surreal' Journey from Day Job to Hollywood

She works a day job at a custodian bank

“It’s definitely a little surreal. I don’t feel abnormal necessarily at work but it’s a large building and now all of the employees say hi to me. My co-workers in my department like to ask a lot of questions and they’re always hyping me up and it’s funny and sweet. But at the end of the day it’s not as if I transformed into some new higher being or anything. I still feel like myself. I do my work and we play cards in the break room and regular life carries on. The entire experience of becoming this star in a movie is super exciting and I feel proud of myself but at the same time very humbled and my life back at home keeps me tethered to reality and my values.”

She had no idea she’d get the part

“The whole time I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’m like way out of my depth here, what am I doing?’ You know? I wasn’t really sure if I had what it took, but then when I got the part I was just kind of like, ‘Oh, well I guess I did.’ Like I guess I’ll just keep doing whatever I did in that audition.”

She comes from a musical background

“My whole family really loves music. My family is very rooted in the punk rock scene. My grandma was a punk rocker in the ’70s and my dad was in a band. There were always bands sleeping on our living room floor that were touring. That was my world. I just naturally started playing instruments, and I started playing violin and then the guitar and writing my own songs and starting my own bands. I played in a few bands in the Buffalo area and now, for the most part, I’m a singer-songwriter.”

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