Nine huge Corrie spoilers for next week including Daniel Osbourne’s risky plan and Geoff’s next attack

GEOFF Metcalfe attacks Alya Nazir and accuses her of stealing his money next week in Coronation Street – after Daniel robs him to help Nicky.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in the cobbles next week…

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1. Nick sells Underworld

Emma does her best to recruit sponsors for her silence to raise money for Oliver’s treatment, but Leanne is left fearing that they’ll never manage to raise enough. 

Later, Leanne – unaware of the secret Nick is keeping about his son – is shocked when Nick offers to sell his shares in Underworld to raise cash for Oliver’s treatment.

2. Steve worries Tracy

Tracy is concerned when Steve suggests he and Tracy should sell Streetcars and the florist. 

Will she agree to helping Oliver?

Or might she have some harsh words to share with Leanne?

3. Geoff does some fishing

Geoff, who's been released by the police, rushes into Adam’s office and asks for dirt on Yasmeen’s case.

But Daniel, who’s visiting Adam, looks at Geoff with contempt and can’t help but have a go at him for using vulnerable sex workers. 

Geoff storms out, leaving behind a huge envelope.

4. Daniel steals from Geoff

Later, Geoff returns looking for his missing envelope – but it’s nowhere to be seen. 

Meanwhile, Nicky is stunned when Daniel, who’s visiting him in hospital, hands her a huge envelope of cash. 

5. Geoff attacks Alya

Later, an angry Geoff rages at Alya in the middle of the street and accuses her of stealing his money as Daniel and Adam watch from afar.

Later, Adam questions Daniel about the envelope, but Daniel denies ever having seen it. 

Adam says he believes him, but warns that Geoff isn’t to be messed with.

6. Abi hits rock bottom

Abi tries to make things up to Kevin but only ends up making matters worse when she tells Jack to stand up to the bullies at school. 

Later, when Kevin learns that Jack attacked Hope thanks to Abi’s advice, he insults her parenting skills. 

Abi skulks off to the Rovers and drowns her sorrows. 

7. Abi makes a move on Peter

Later, Peter asks Abi to keep the fact that she made a pass on him under the radar – and Abi promises to keep it quiet. 

But it all kicks off later when Debbie corners Peter after seeing him in the ginnel with Abi and orders him to keep his distance from her – and threatens to tell Carla that he’s been on the prowl.

Peter has a go at Abi for telling everything to Debbie and decides he better tell Carla about the incident before Debbie does. 

8. Peter lies to Carla 

Abi, who’s worried it’ll ruin things with Kevin, panics and begs Peter not to tell Carla. 

Peter agrees to keep it a secret from Carla, before telling Abi he appreciates having her in his life as she understands his addiction demons.

9. Debbie gets the wrong end of the stick 

Later in the week, after telling Debbie and Kevin that she’s spending the day with Seb, Abi is annoyed to remember she has a physio appointment. 

Rushing into a cab, Abi is shocked to see that Peter is her driver. 

Mary later mentions to Debbie that she saw Peter and Abi driving off together, leaving Kevin's sister suspicious about what’s going on

When Kevin gets home, Debbie reveals that Abi is having an affair. 

Later, Abi and Peter try to convince Carla and Kevin that nothing is going on, but Abi is forced to reveal she made a pass at Peter in the process.

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