Peter Andre screams after being left to look after yelling Amelia, 6, and Theo, 3, in 'very messy' playroom

PETER Andre let out a scream after being pulled in different directions by his playful kids.

The 47-year-old was trying to please his two youngest children with wife Emily, 31, who both wanted his attention.

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Yelling Amelia, six, wanted her dad to watch something with her, but three-year-old Theo had other ideas in his "very messy" playroom.

As Amelia and Theo both threw a fit, frazzled Peter said: "OK, I will come and watch it with you" before turning direction and saying "I mean I won't come and watch it with you…"

When it all got a bit too much as the kids shouted in the backroom, Peter turned the camera round and let out a frustrated scream.

Peter – who is also dad to 15-year-old Junior and 13-year-old Princess with ex-wife Katie Price – filmed the funny moment in the latest episode of Life With The Andres, exclusive to The Sun's YouTube channel.

They've been giving fans a look into their family life during the ups and downs of 2020.

This week Emily offered fans a sneak peek inside their home, as Theo and Amelia moved into the same bedroom.

Emily filmed herself talking to Theo about the new sleeping arrangement after dinner, as she prepared for him to move into a big boy bed in a shared room with six-year-old sister Amelia.

She says: "Theo, you're going to have a very big bed all to yourself, aren't you? What are the rules."

Theo agrees on no shouting and not waking his sister up in the night.

He then asks: "Am I going to sleep in Millie's room forever?"

Peter joins them for a bedtime story, explaining: "I don't mind when you two go to bed, you can talk to each other – you know that."

Emily replies: "Yeah you're going to sleep there for a while!" before taking the cameras into their bedroom.

The A7E doctor told viewers: "It's not quite finished yet as I have to put all the pictures up but I painted it all by myself, go me."

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