Piers Morgan makes GMB viewers cringe with crude sex question to cricketer

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan shocked viewers today after asking cricket legend Jos Buttler if winning the cricket world cup was better than sex.

The outspoken ITV star smirked as he asked the crude question while Jos' sat next to his wife Louise.

Easing into the awkward question, Piers told the couple he had asked other members of the cricket team the same question… if winning the world cup was better than sex.

Shocked, co-host Charlotte Hawkin could be heard gasping: "You can't ask him that".

Laughing, Jos replied: "Haha, I don't know what to say."

Turning to his wife, Jos added: "It was a close second I would say."

The awkward moment was quickly picked up on by shocked viewers.

One fan tweeted: "How awful Morgan asks that to a married couple for a cheap laugh."

Another added: "Cricket better than sex? What a loser."

"Ugh Piers Morgan mentions sex I wanna puke," a third continued.

Later on in the chat, Jos admitted he hopes that the currently suspended football season will be able to finish – especially for Liverpool fans.

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The MBE holder said:" "It is really tough as people don't know how long this is all going to be.

"If it was a couple of months I would say go ahead and keep the season open.

"But reading the news today about six months… that is eating into the start of the next season.

"I know lots of Liverpool fans are very worried about their title.

"Hopefully if they get the chance to finish the season then they can do."

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