Piers Morgan slams ex pal Oprah Winfrey for ‘allowing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to spray gun Britain and the Queen’

PIERS Morgan has slammed Oprah Winfrey for “allowing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to spray gun Britain and the Queen".

The 56-year-old let rip about her now infamous interview with The Royals as he spoke about his exit from Good Morning Britain in an hour-long interview on Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation – claiming it was an unfair platform. 

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He ranted: “And doing it to Oprah Winfrey, their great friend who was at their wedding and is their neighbor. I love Oprah. She did my first show at CNN and I’ll always be grateful to her and she’s a wonderful interviewer and entertainer.

“But this wasn’t really an interview. This was her allowing two friends the platform to spray gun Britain, the monarchy, the royal family, the Queen, Prince William’s wife. You name it, they took them down.

“And that’s fine. That’s their decision. It’s their life, they can do what they want. But to do it when you’re still calling yourself Duke and Duchess of Sussex, I’m sorry, that is rank hypocrisy.”

Elsewhere in the explosive interview, he questioned why Oprah just believed everything the famous couple said, in particular the racist accusations. 

After watching back a clip showing Meghan tell Oprah that her son Archie was banned from being a Prince after questions over how ‘dark skinned’ he would be, Piers spewed:  "I’m angry to the point of boiling over. I’m sickened by what I’ve just seen.”

He then went into detail about why he believed Meghan wasn’t correct before laying some of the blame on Oprah.

Piers said:  “What I care about is only one person decides titles like that, and it’s the queen. The queen is not a racist, and yet here we have Meghan Markle with the support of the queen’s grandson directly accusing the queen because she makes these decisions of being racist and stopping that boy becoming a prince because of his skin color.

 “And many millions of Americans have simply accepted this to be fact because Oprah Winfrey didn’t challenge that presumption. Oprah didn’t know that this couldn't possibly be true.”

He also questioned why the chat show host didn’t bring up racist accusations made against Prince Harry in the past. 

“You know, my problem with this whole interview was these incredibly damaging allegations were tossed out there and none of them were challenged properly, Piers said.

 “None of them were challenged based on actual reality or none of them were asked, well, who is this person.”

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