Queen of the South: Fans slam Pote and Kelly Anne romance as major plot holes exposed

Queen of the South: USA Network teases season finale

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Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga) never went far without her loyal right hand man Pote (Hemky Madera) at her side. Queen of the South fans watched the deadly sicario soften up in the fifth and final season of the USA Network drama, but some fans have claimed his romance with Kelly Anne (Molly Burnett) doesn’t quite add up.

Despite rave responses from fans overall, the last season of Queen of the South has drawn some harsh criticism.

Audiences have recently been vocal about the characterization of Pote, one of the show’s biggest fan favourites across all five seasons.

Although the cold-blooded hitman never lost his ruthless streak, his outer shell started to crack when he began a relationship with Kelly Anne.

Originally a mole in Teresa’s operation, she became part of the team again in the latest season and eventually revealed she and Pote would be having a baby.

Their pregnancy storyline was considered one of the highlights of an otherwise brutal and bloody final season of Queen of the South.

Unfortunately, some fans didn’t think this particular development meshed with what they had seen of Pote so far.

One critical viewer, Dgadj, slammed his character development in a recent Reddit post, which pointed out a number of inconsistencies.

User moyocoyotzinlop16 then replied: “For me the biggest hypocrisy and WTH moment was Pote telling Teresa that being with James would endanger their lives.”

After the death of Teresa’s boyfriend Guero (Jon-Michael Ecker), the queenpin slowly but surely starts up another romance with her partner, James Valdez (Peter Gadiot).

Pote quickly catches on, and warns Teresa not to get her personal life mixed up with her growing drug business.

However, Pote does exactly that in the very next season when he starts sleeping with Kelly Anne without a second’s thought.

The commenter continued: “Doesn’t want children but isn’t responsible or smart to use birth control and ultimately gets pregnant. What a hypocrite.”

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As Teresa’s team started looking more like a family than a cartel, they eventually hatched a plan to escape their life of crime.

To be fair on Pote, it was obvious he never expected to meet and subsequently fall in love with Kelly Anne when he originally partnered up with Teresa.

Even so, the sicario has consistently doubled back on his advice and warnings to his boss throughout the series, most egregiously in season five.

The original poster replied: “He says things without thinking and then does the opposite of what he preaches.”

“I mean, I am trying not to call him dumb, but the look on his face when KA told him she was pregnant was that of a man wondering how the hell it happened as if he wasn’t there???”

Pote was initially reluctant to start a family with Kelly Anne, but eventually warmed up to the idea as they enacted their escape plan in the series finale.

Still, it’s clear his development over the series hasn’t managed to hold up under scrutiny for some of Queen of the South’s biggest fans.

Queen of the South seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix.

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