Queen of the South season 5: Fans uncover glaring Teresa and Rocco plot hole: How?

Queen of the South: USA Network teases season finale

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Queen of the South aired their fourth and final series bringing the story of Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga) to a close. Despite this, an observant viewer spotted something odd with the queen pin’s money scheme in season three and exposed the plot hole on Reddit.

Queen of the South was USA Network’s hit crime drama, which gained tons of fans across the world.

The series followed Teresa’s life as she relocated from Mexico to the United States to get revenge for her boyfriend’s murderer.

In the process, she also wanted to become the country’s biggest and most successful drug distributor.

As a former money changer, she knew how to handle cash and was able to expand her cartel to Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia.

In season three, Teresa risked everything when she tried to rescue a group of girls who had been trafficked by her new business partner.

His name was Rocco de la Peña (Jordi Mollà) and he was a successful banker and money launderer.

They had met up to talk cryptocurrency and after he taught her how to use it the two strike up a successful deal and celebrate later at a bar.

However, during this episode, a fan spotted the glaring error and took to Reddit to expose the mistake.

They wrote: “In S03 E03, Teresa puts 3 million dollars in cryptocurrency at Rocco’s bank and he wants to demonstrate to her how fast the transfers work.”

The viewer added: “A minute later Teresa gets a call from El Santo’s minions thanking for the payment as we see some guys handing the girls bags of money, how?!?”

This was a major error as Teresa was able to retrieve her money, so there was no way her payment would’ve gone through.

While she had been celebrating at the club, Teresa noticed a Russian girl being abused, so she snuck into the back where she saw a group of girls begging for her help.

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Later George (Ryan O’Nan) joined them and informed Teresa about his plans to transport the girls, whilst also warning her that Rocco was very dangerous.

After hearing this, she went straight to the bank where she demanded her money back and although they give her a hard time she continues and asks for the hard drive.

The banker calls Rocco to inform him about the situation with Teresa and he agreed to refund her.

She was led to the vault, where she had to sign to receive the payment, however, the banker locked her inside and pulled out a knife.

Thankfully Teresa was able to fight her way out of the vault, Pote (Hemsky Madera) and James (Peter Gadiot) were also at the bank and were firing shots at the guards.

As Rocco finds out about the shoot-out at his bank and the risk of losing his guards, he heads straight there and luckily Teresa and her crew were out before his arrival.

Elsewhere, George and his men were able to enforce Teresa’s plan of freeing the girls before they were transported.

Although Rocco claimed to have a GPS tracker on the girls, Teresa and her crew had them all on a plane to safety.

Queen of the South seasons 1-5 are available to stream on USA Network

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