'Rebel TV Series Episode 8' Recap, 'It's All About The Chemistry'

In the Katey Sagal Rebel TV Series Episode 8, “It’s All About The Chemistry,” Julian Cruz (Andy Garcia) continued their fight against Stonemore Medical. Meanwhile, Annie “Rebel” Flynn Ray Bello (Sagal) attempted to convince a vital witness to testify in the case. Plus, private investigator Lana Ray (Tamala Jones) confronted Grady Bello (John Corbett) about a secret son. The Rebel cast pulled out all of the stops for this drama-filled episode.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Rebel TV Series Episode 8, “It’s All About The Chemistry.”]

‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 8 Recap: Does Grady have a son?

Lana confronts Grady in the 2021 Rebel TV Series Episode 8 about a woman from his past, Allison Watson. In the last episode, Angela (Sharon Lawrence) spilled the dirt that Grady has a son that no one knows exisits.

“How’d you find out,” Grady asked.

Lana realized that Angela told her the information to mess with Rebel and the case. So, she told Rebel that Grady was headed on a fishing trip to stay away from the case. Yes, Grady has a son that he didn’t tell Rebel about for the last nine years. However, he swore that he didn’t cheat on her.

‘Rebel’ Episode 8 Recap: Whose side is the whistleblower on?

When someone from Stonemore came forward in Rebel TV Series Episode 7, they described a whistleblower, Carston (Peter Paige), who worked on the chemistry for the heart valve. However, when Rebel asked him to testify, he insisted he would not talk to her or Cruz. 

Carston insisted that he couldn’t talk to Rebel, but his husband, Randall ( is worried about him. The chemist believed that he was helping people, but the lawsuit wasn’t. Rebel and Lana coerce Rebel’s first ex-husband, Woodrow Flynn (Matthew Glave), to arrest Carston for stealing his husband’s car and swerving on the way to the airport. After he is processed at the police station, Cruz serves the chemist with a subpoena. However, the plan backfired when Benji Ray (James Lesure) stepped in to represent Carston.

Who is Daniel Wiley?

A new victim of the Stonemore heart valve is a teacher that his students called “Dan the man.” They began a Go Fund Me account for Dan and raised enough money for his valve. However, Stonemore got to him and bought his house for twice the amount it’s worth, so he’s heading to Hawaii. He insisted that he wanted to make the most of the life he had left.

The chemist told Daniel to have a doctor put him on chelation when he arrived in Hawaii. Carston admitted that the valve was poisoning people, and chelation will help get metal out of your bloodstream. 

‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 8 Recap: Cassidy and Luke

Cassidy Ray (Lex Scott Davis) and Luke Chapman (Sam Palladio) had sex. Since Amir (Mo McRae) quit and wasn’t in this episode, Cassidy dealt with her feelings by sleeping with Luke. 

Nate and Dr. Misha Nelson

In the early part of Rebel Episode 8, Nate (Kevin Zegers) told Misha (Abigail Spencer) that he didn’t want a monogamous relationship. Then he headed to check on Maddie (Daniella Garcia).

Nate talked Maddie into leaving her house and going bowling to help her talk about her postpartum depression. Viewers should remember that she had a baby that did not live due to her Stonemore heart valve.

Later in the episode, Misha admitted to Nate that she liked him and wanted to be in a relationship with him. 

‘Rebel’ TV Series Episode 8 Recap: Ziggy and Sean

Ziggy (Ariela Barer) and her boyfriend, Sean (Jalen Thomas Brooks), realized that they were taped having sex by Rebel and Grady’s home security system. She began to panic that her parents were going to send her away to a camp somewhere. Sean hacked into the security system to delete the tapes and came across Grady and Lana’s conversation. Ziggy could not believe her father’s face when Lana asked if he had a son with someone else.

Cruz beat Benji Ray in court

Judge Katerina Bobiak (Nina Millin) heard both sides of the case surrounding the chemist testifying. She sided with Cruz and allowed a sealed court hearing of Carston’s testimony. He testified under oath that there was something wrong with the Stonemore heart valve making people sick. He created the coating for the valve, but it was causing the metal components to leak out. Consequently, nickel was leaching into the patient’s bloodstream causing autoimmune disorders. The chemist notified his supervisors and Stonemore CEO, Mark Duncan (Adam Arkin), about the faulty valve. However, the CEO insisted that he fix the valve and not tell anyone what he found.

Why was Rebel arrested?

Later in Rebel Episode 8, Annie finally found out about Grady’s son they got into a massive blowout fight on his boat. However, all of the neighboring boats heard the argument. Several people began recording the interaction. Then Grady drove away on his boat, and Rebel fell off the back of it. In the conversation, Grady insisted that he raised their daughter, Ziggy, not her. However, Rebel screamed that he used her money to pay child support for his son. 

When the show concluded, a mugshot of Rebel heading to jail flashed across the screen.

We will find out more when the Katey Sagal Rebel TV series returns on June 10, 2021, to ABC for the Rebel Season 1 Finale.

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