RHOA Recap: NeNe and Kenya Interrupt Kandi's Baby Shower With Nasty Confrontation

“My baby shower went from Hollywood glam to fight night.”

The season finale of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" ended with one final showdown between foes NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore, this time at Kandi Burruss’ baby shower.

The latest drama was sparked by an interview Kenya did with TMZ, in which she claimed Leakes had no friends and was "absolutely a bully." She added, "I don’t take any kind of advice from NeNe, definitely not about wigs."

Calling up Leakes to get her side of the story was Wendy Williams, whose voice made a special appearance Sunday night. Speaking with Wendy, NeNe said Kenya should have been talking about her own divorce or "saying something more positive than talking about me. She’s a bully her own self."

Williams tried to cool Leakes down, calling Kenya a pot-stirrer. "When a dog hollers at the moon, that’s normal. The big story is when the moon hollers back. NeNe, you’re the moon, don’t howl back," she advised her. "You’ve grown leaps and bounds. You are not going to fall into that rabbit hole with Kenya."

She did.

As she continued to talk to Wendy, she said she "could say a lot of things" about Kenya in public, but didn’t … before doing just that.

"Kenya’s marriage license has never ever been found by no one. She ain’t J.Lo, she ain’t Beyonce and they found theirs," she began. "They’re not legally married, so there’s nothing to divorce. How about that. I heard it was a handshake and agreement that they had a baby and she paid for them but I’m not anywhere talking about that, because that’s her business."

"You don’t see me on no red carpet asking where her eggs were found," she continued. "It was Marc’s sperm and some eggs they bought or found out of the country somewhere. That’s why the baby looks so much like him."

While Wendy told NeNe "please don’t shoot that shot," it was already on film. "I’m not," said NeNe. "I’m happy for her to be a mother. If she found an egg outside up under a chicken, I think that’s great she had a baby."

Kenya has denied all of NeNe’s allegations in the past.

The finale ended at Kandi’s baby shower, where Cynthia hoped there would be "no drama." Boy was she wrong.

At the shower, Marlo Hampton pulled up the TMZ article on her phone, gave it to Kenya and then asked if it was fake. "It’s not fake and you know it’s not fake," Kenya told her, "There’s video and you’ve seen it." She then accused NeNe again of spitting on her in Greece.

"No, I didn’t," said Leakes. "Let’s be clear, bully."

As this was happening, Kandi stormed away from the group, saying all she wanted to do was introduce her surrogate to the crowd and this petty fight was "taking over." As she got on stage to give a special tribute to her surrogate, the women could be heard bickering in the background still.

"This ain’t what you want," Leakes said to Moore. "If I wanted to spit on you, you would know you’ve been spit on." Kenya called her "Ms. Classy," then changed her tune to say NeNe "tried to spit on me."

"I didn’t try. Anything I want to do, I will do it," Leakes hit back. "It’s gonna get dirty now! I ain’t gonna be what you want ladybug, you’re the real bully now."

The situation escalated as Kenya got closer to NeNe, as Leakes exclaimed, "Don’t touch me, that ain’t gonna be what you want. You put your hand on me. You gonna need security." As security got between the women, Kandi commented in a confessional, "My baby shower went from Hollywood glam to fight night."

After Porsha and NeNe both said Kenya was only trying to "provoke" Leakes, they managed to stay apart for the rest of the night. The episode ended with a slate saying NeNe had "moved on from trying to spit on her foes."

While the season is over, there’s still a reunion on the horizon, one that will be filmed via video conferencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. No air date has been announced.

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