Richard Madeley reveals This Morning lost BAFTA to disgraced Martin Bashir's Princess Diana interview despite tip to win

RICHARD Madeley revealed This Morning lost a BAFTA to disgraced Martin Bashir's Princess Diana interview – despite being tipped to win.

The BBC journalist was found to have faked bank statements in order to deceive Diana into doing the infamous interview with him.

Former This Morning host Richard said that he and wife Judy – who co-hosted the show – were snubbed for the awards gong in the same year – as the Panorama special stole it from them.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Friday, the presenter said: "Years ago, in 1996, we were supposed to win a BAFTA for the Best Daytime Show on This Morning. We were tipped to win.

"We had a speech prepared and everything, Judy and I. We turned up at the Royal Albert Hall and our press officer ran across as we were about to nod and smile and said, 'You haven't won it.' 'You phoned us and said…'

"She said: 'They've given it to Martin Bashir.' For the Panorama interview. And Panorama won the BAFTA, which they'll be handing back. For Best Talk Show. Panorama best talk show!? Martin Bashir nicked our BAFTA."

Co-host Charlotte Hawkins replied: "Maybe all these years later they might reinstate it."

Richard said: "Maybe they'll send it to us now."

The tragic princess sat down with the then-unknown journalist in 1995, famously revealing: "There were three of us in this marriage".

She also admitted to her infidelity with Army captain James Hewitt, and questioned Charles’s suitability as king.

A Panorama special aired by the BBC on May 20 revealed Martin Bashir and his film crew disguised themselves as tradesmen to sneak into the royal palace.

The documentary stated Bashir and his team "slipped into Kensington Palace" dressed as workmen on November 5, 1995.

Earl Spencer blamed Bashir over her tragic death on the expose saying his "vulnerable" sister was left with no protection when she was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

Just two years before, Diana was tricked into sitting down for her explosive interview with "deceitful" Bashir.

Earl Spencer suggested his sister lost faith in those around her after being duped into taking part the BBC scoop after her marriage collapsed.

A damning report last month found "rogue reporter" Bashir faked bank statements and used "deceitful behaviour" to trick Diana into giving the famous interview.

And it revealed the BBC "without justification" had "covered up" Bashir's sensational lies.

Earl Spencer told previously how Bashir used the forged bank statements to convince Diana to do the interview.

He said the papers wrongly showed two senior courtiers were being paid by the security services for information on his sister.

The false documents also gave the impression associates of the royal family were selling stories to newspapers.

Diana's brother said if he hadn't seen the bank statements he would not have made the introduction and the scoop wouldn't have happened.

Bashir's lies are blamed for fuelling Diana’s fears about her safety and privacy.

The journalist was accused of ordering a graphic artist to fake two bank statements to obtain the interview after Diana and Prince Charles' divorce.

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