Rick and Morty season 5 theories: Bruce Chutback is Jerrys son as fans expose major clues

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Rick (played by Justin Roiland) and Beth (Sarah Chalke) embarked on a hellish adventure in last week’s episode of Rick and Morty. However, it was Morty (Roiland) and Summer’s (Spencer Grammer) hang out session with new kid on the block Bruce Chutback (Darren Criss) that really caught the attention of the Adult Swim comedy’s more inventive fans.

Harry Herpson High School’s cool new student Bruce Chutback could be the illegitimate son of Jerry Smith (Chris Parnell), or so Rick and Morty fans claim.

The aloof teen was introduced in the fifth episode of the cartoon series’ fifth season, Amortycan Grickfitti, as Morty was desperate to improve his social standing at school.

Their trip around the galaxy may have ended in disaster, but Morty and Summer were still eventually able to impress their trendy new classmate.

However, the latest theory to hit the Rick and Morty fandom could completely change Bruce’s dynamic with the family going forward.

Several viewers have pointed out an uncanny resemblance between Bruce and Morty’s cowardly dad, Jerry.

Voiced by guest star and ex-Glee member Darren Criss, Bruce looks a lot like a younger and slightly slimmer version of the Smith patriarch.

Although he has longer hair, their facial features are practically identical, and Bruce even shares Jerry’s affinity for green shirts.

The theory has been doing the rounds on Reddit over the past week, with some fans convinced that Jerry was unfaithful to his wife Beth at some point.

User snakeofpriapus posted: “Bruce Chutback looks an awful lot like Summer and Jerry.

“I mean I don’t have conclusive proof, But it does look like Jerry may have cheated on Beth at some point and honestly, this seems like something his character might have done and buried.”

Bruce’s age isn’t confirmed, but it’s assumed he falls somewhere between the two Smith children, as Morty’s sister Summer is also keen to befriend the newbie.

It would have happened years before the events of the series, but Beth’s notoriously hapless husband may have slept with someone else in the early years of their marriage.

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A brief moment towards the end of the episode even suggests this connection may have been the animators’ intention all along.

In the post-credits stinger of the season four episode ‘Promortyus’, Summer’s friend Tricia (Cassie Steele) admits an attraction to Jerry after he takes up beekeeping.

Later, Tricia is seen fawning over Bruce, suggesting she also sees his resemblance to her friend’s middle-aged father.

Of course, Summer’s friend may have simply caught on to Bruce’s ‘unlimited potential’ mentioned in the theme song that announces his arrival.

However, there are still a number of details throughout the series that have convinced some viewers there may be more to Bruce Chutback than meets the eye.

In a false memory, Jerry imagined a steamy affair with his parasite friend Sleepy Gary (Matt Walsh), proving he has the capacity for infidelity.

He also quickly rebounded with new girlfriend Warrior Priestess Kiara after his separation from Beth in season three.

Whether Bruce will be revealed as a secret lovechild, an aged-down Jerry clone or simply a coincidental lookalike, fans will certainly be keeping their eyes open in case he returns to the series.

Rick and Morty season 5 continues Sundays on Adult Swim.

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