Riverdale fans predict Hermione and Hiram will finally split after season 5 time jump – The Sun

RIVERDALE fans guessed that Hermione and Hiram will finally break up after a season five time jump.

Season four hasn't finished yet, but some devoted fans are already looking ahead to the next chapter of the unpredictable teen drama.

Viewers of the teen drama have start to get behind a compelling theory that suggests series five will begin with a time jump in order to justify aging characters and those who are set to leave the show.

This past February, The CW confirmed Marisol Nichols, who has played Hermione Lodge since the show debuted back in 2017, will be leaving Riverdale at the end of the ongoing series four.

She is married to the devious Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) and their relationship has been riddled with corporate betrayal and sabotage.

Some fans jumped on Reddit to discuss the show's next series, and decided that Marisol’s departure and speculated time jump mean signal the end of their time as a couple.

Redditor imareddituserfightme asked: “So, obviously Marisol and Skeet are leaving the show. My only question is how?

They added: “They could easily kill both of them off, but I feel like that’s too tragic for Veronica and Jughead. So how will they tie it up?”

Another member of the social media platform posted: "One more viewer added: “I think Hermione finds out Hiram is faking his disease and finally leaves him. F. P I think he gets into trouble involving either the Serpents or Jughead and is forced to leave town or go back to prison.”

During the current series of the show, there are suspicions that Hiram has actually been faking his fatal disease if Hermione eventually discovers it was all a lie, it could also spell the end of the road for their relationship.

Archie actor KJ Apa revealed he and the rest of the main cast have signed on more three more seasons of the CW show.

Although he wouldn’t go into details about his contract, KJ did say that his was the same as his co-stars — Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse and Camila Mendes — and that he’d be on Riverdale for the next three years.

Most recently, he shot his faith-based film, I Still Believe, which released on the big screen last weekend before movie theaters shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The next episode of Riverdale drops on April 16th on Netflix.

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