RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 queens ranked from meh to yaaas after Snatch Game

It’s the RuPaul’s Drag Race challenge to end all challenges this week… it was time for the season 12 Snatch Game!

As far as Snatch Games go, this one was ranks very firmly in the ‘meh’ category. Certainly not a level of romper room f***ery that was season four, but also not to the perfect heights that was All Stars season two.

Snatch Game is always the one to separate the women from the girls – and normally drops you a massive hint on who makes it to the final. This one didn’t just succeed in doing that – it tore the remaining queens in half over who has what it takes to make it and who doesn’t.

Seems like a wasted opportunity to have Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett and Daniel Franseze guesting on a non Mean Girls related, or even acting, challenge, but this year the bookers have fully ensured every guest star is A-list, and is obsessed with the show. So watching everyone getting their life just to be involved brings up the whole vibe.

Though I hate to be the one to say it… but maybe it’s time for a shake up of Snatch Game? Because it feels like it’s running out of gas. And the queens need to try and be cool and obscure nearly always ends in them falling flat coz noone knows what they’re doing.

But if they do succeed in it, then it truly is a beaut – so we can see why they’d take a risk… it’s just a very big risk and the pay-off rate is a lot smaller.

Here’s who we thought snatched the win, and who drew a blank…

Due to events after the episode was filmed, Sherry Pie will not be in our rankings.

Gigi Goode 

It feels like this win was a long time coming for Gigi, after all the efforts she’s been putting in over the past six weeks… but we were so glad she managed to get the recognition she deserved for Snatch Game.

Maria The Robot was absolutely hilarious and we could’ve watched it for hours just her and not got bored, and she was exactly what is needed if you’re going for an obscure character.

Speaking to Ru in the workroom, Gigi threw down the gauntlet as she epically declared to the worried host: ‘I understand your concern, but I do not have the same concern,’ when it came to her character.

Actually telling Ru to her face in the work room you were ignoring her advice and doing the character you wanted anyway? Calling Ru a b***h to her face and getting away with it? Coming out looking as cute as a button with a giant ice cream for your frozen look?

These are all risky choices that she pulled off – and we have no choice but to stan.

Jackie Cox 

Honestly, we didn’t know that Lisa Rinna had that much in her to be that much of a funny character on Snatch Game, but Jackie brought it.

In fact, she brought an actual treasure trove of props and costume moments and then some.

Jackie’s work this week is an education for all future contestants on the importance of preparing yourself… because if she hadn’t thought this through to the last detail, our girl Jackie would’ve fallen flat.

Plus her politely turning down Miss Vanjie’s advances in the work room had us crying. There’s always next time, hun!

Heidi N Closet

If Heidi N Closet doesn’t at the very least win Miss Congeniality this year, then the entire production is absolute rigga-morris, girl.

Heidi is purity in drag queen form and though she might not have been the strongest on Snatch Game, she held her own and brought some laughs so we were happy to see her safe.

Plus, it was cute to see her attempt to recreate Leslie’s look from the judges’ panel just weeks after she became one of the most memorable guests to date. That was pretty smart.

The thing letting her down at the moment is her runways, honestly. Because she has personality and pep to fuel an entire troupe of Drag Race contestants with some left over.


We’re not quite sure what we can say about Jan. She’s got some great confessionals, she definitely knows her brand, she seems to be a nice queen with unique message and her Snatch Game was actually pretty good.

But we’re not really seeing all that much of her in the edit, and as a result she’s fading into the background.

How can you make someone fade into the background after turning up on the runway with the stunning ice blizzard silicone fantasy?!? Ok, her ice walker moment didn’t quite read, but the rest of it? Flawless.

At this point she needs to win some challenges to stand her ground in the competition, because staying in the middle ground is losing her valuable camera time.

Widow Von’Du 

We never thought we’d see the girl who stomped into the workroom meaning business and doing contortion on the stage on day one suddenly disappear… and yet here we are.

Her mid Snatch Game switcheroo has been done so many times before and neither were strong, so it didn’t have the effect it should have. Maybe would’ve worked better if she was there as half Ike on one side of her face, and Tina on the other? So they could interact with themselves? We’re not sure.

And while we were obviously here for a Titanic reference on a Frozen runway, the icicles hanging from her face looked like she’d had a sexy run-in with the Pit Crew before heading out onto the stage.

We’re hoping she can bring it back, and quickly, as this was not a strong week for her.

Crystal Methyd 

Crystal Methyd, one of the rare earners of a RuPaul hug, is a precious angel that needs to be protected at all costs – but she’s clearly lost her footing in this competition.

Her nerves are getting to her and it’s effecting both her performance and her identity as a queen, which seemed to be one of the strongest identities out there at the beginning of week one.

We’re still enjoying the El DeBarge dance breaks though, even though Ru seems to be calling her that when forgetting Crystal’s actual name… and that’s not a good sign.

Poppy on Snatch Game had a thought process, but no follow through, and we’re beginning to worry Crystal’s days on the show are numbered.

Jaida Essence Hall 

What is happening with Jaida Essence Hall?! She was, again, one of the strongest but it appears that her time as consistently safe, much like Jan, is losing her air time.

We barely saw her Cardi B, which may have actually been a favour to us all if it was just airlicks, tongue pops and Okuuuuurs like we suspect it was, and the look wasn’t particularly on point at all.

Her runway was pretty cute though.


What on earth was that Jennifer Holliday?! She just put on the widest grin known to man, said nothing funny, and at one point even seemed to have a twitch?!

It was not cute, and we’re hoping it’s the wake-up call she needs to prove that it wasn’t Aiden bringing her down.

Her relentless critique of Aiden has been grating, and it was only a matter of time before they faced off together in a lip-sync, which Brita absolutely won fair and square.

But she got your wish and Aiden is out of the game now – so it’s time for her to focus on herself or run the risk of going home.

Which as she keeps reminding us, is not becoming of THE Queen of New York.

Aidan Zhane 

We’ve been rooting for Aiden since the start and there is something so charming about her, but facts are facts, and it was time for her to go.

Playing Patricia Quinn with no reference to the iconic moment that is Rocky Horror whatsoever is an actual hate crime. Throw in the fact she stuck to just the one joke and had no interaction with those around her, and she was destined for the bottom.

That Jaymes Mansfield style yeti dress for the Let It Go challenge was cute, but it wasn’t enough to save her by any means, and it kind of seemed like she’d accepted her fate before she even had to lip-sync for her life.

Though from the looks of it online, in the eight months since the show was shot she’s grown a million percent, so we’re hoping for an Aja-like comeback in a future series of All Stars.

At the very least, she finally went an episode without that wig.

RuPaul’s Drag Race continues Fridays on VH1 in the US and Saturdays on Netflix in the UK.

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