Ruth Jones fuels Gavin & Stacey reunion rumours as she swerves questions after major hints from cast

RUTH Jones has fuelled Gavin & Stacey reunion rumours as she swerves questions about the popular show's return.

Ruth's refusal to go into specifics comes after co-star Larry Lamb dropped major hints about the BBC series.

It came as writer Ruth, 54, who also stars as Nessa in the show, was interviewed by Rob Brydon – who plays the role of Bryn West in the series – for his Spotify podcast Brydon &.

The last time fans saw the fruits of the cast reunion was when Ruth and co-writer James Corden got together to write the 2019 Christmas Special, which pulled in close to 12 million viewers.

Digging for information, Rob, 56, who has been pals with Ruth for 40 years, pointedly asked about another script being written – not once, but two times during the course of the interview.

"There's no plans for more?," he asked his pal the first time.

"Cause I get asked almost as much as you get asked."

He admitted: "This last one was such a surprise – if you'd told me that it was going to come along that way, I'd have said, no not possible.

"I will hear something, I've got sources – I talk to Ruth, I talk to James -not a button, not a whisper and then, yeah, we're doing it, we've written it!"

Ruth laughed: "You see, I think we both knew it was such a big risk and 10 years since the last one.

"We always knew that we couldn't tell anyone because if the tiniest bit got out and then we found out what we'd wrote didn't work – it would have been such a disappointment, such a let down."

Continuing to avoid answering Rob's question, Ruth then went on to talk about how even once the Christmas special was written, the cast were then also sworn to secrecy.

Trying again for a second time, Rob asked: "Have you been back out [to the States] with James and writing with him recently?"

Letting out a long laugh, Ruth replied: "My friend said to me, 'You know that now every time you say you're going to the States, they'll think you're writing something!"

Then swiftly dodging Rob's query, she went on: "I know what I was going to ask you… it's sort of unrelated… you know when you wrote your autobiography, did you record it as well?"

Taking the bait, Rob then went on to discuss his biography and the process of recording it.

This comes after Larry, 73, dropped a very promising hint there's more Gavin & Stacey on the way, announcing he's ready to reprise his role as Mick Shipman in the comedy.

Asked if there will be more episodes, he told Metro: "I think it would be pretty short-sighted if there wasn't.

"I'd be happy to do more. Everybody that's involved with it sees it as a team event. If they're doing more, you're part of it."

Co-writer James, 42, recently said on the subject when Zoe Ball probed him about it on her Radio 2 Breakfast Show last month: “As it stands right now, there aren’t any plans to do one, but that’s not to say that there isn’t the want or the inclination to do one.

“I think it would be a shame to leave it there. That’s my ­feeling and I think Ruth feels the same.

"It doesn’t feel like the end of a book, it feels like the end of a chapter.

"But I do feel like if we ever did another one that would be the end of it."

James – who plays Smithy in the show – and Ruth, have both said they won’t be giving away many more hints.

Despite the sitcom’s Christmas special pulling in almost 12million viewers, the modest duo don’t want to build up people’s hopes, only to dash them.

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