'Sex Education': Fans Want Maeve's Brother to Tell Her Isaac Is Terrible

Sex Education is one of the hottest TV shows on Netflix, with a huge fan base of dedicated viewers who have regularly watched every single episode. With three seasons now available on the streaming platform and a newly-confirmed fourth season in the works, it seems as though viewers will be able to enjoy the dynamics depicted in Sex Education for quite some time. As beloved as certain of the characters are, however, there is one particular character who continuously rubs fans the wrong way — and recently, some fans took to Reddit to discuss the character of Isaac, and why he’s so “terrible.” 

‘Sex Education’ premiered on Netflix in early 2019

Sex Education tells the story of a young man named Otis, who uses the wealth of knowledge that he’s learned from his sex therapist mother to offer sexual counseling services to the students at his school. In spite of Otis’s profound knowledge about the anatomical parts of sex, however, he’s got his own issues to deal with when it comes to intimacy — and his long-held crush on his business partner, Maeve, threatens his preconceived ideas about love and connections.

After the first season of Sex Education premiered on Netflix in January 2019, it became an immediate hit. The second season dropped in January 2020, and the third season is new to the streaming platform, debuting on Netflix in mid-September. Critics and fans alike have praised the series for the way it handles mature themes and characterizations, and many of the young stars featured in Sex Education have become pop culture icons. As much as fans love the characters of Otis and Maeve, however, they don’t share the same feelings for Isaac, a recurring character who has close connections with Maeve.

Many ‘Sex Education’ fans don’t like the character of Isaac

In a recent Reddit thread, fans opened up about the character of Isaac, and why they want Maeve’s brother, Sean, to return to the show and tell her exactly why Isaac is bad for her. Revealing why they want Sean to make a return to Sex Education, one fan wrote “bring him back to throw Isaac off the cliff.” Another fan wrote “dude’s gonna come back to clutch Otis and Maeve’s relationship.”

Some fans on Reddit slammed Isaac further, calling the character a “grifter,” and noting that a possible plot point could have Sean help Maeve realize that she’s “still in love with Otis.” Notably, it is Maeve’s relationship with Otis that has become a linchpin in the series, with many hoping and praying that the two are able to get over their neuroses and find happiness with each other.

In Season 3, Maeve had feelings for Isaac but ultimately ended things with him for Otis. But the season ended with Maeve leaving for America for an academic endeavor. This raises the question of whether she will return to pick things up with Otis or Isaac.

Will Otis and Maeve get together in the latest season of ‘Sex Education’?

Otis and Maeve began their relationship as a business partnership, working together to get the sex clinic off the ground. From the start, however, the two contemplated what it would like to be in a relationship together, with Otis nursing a long-held crush on Maeve but unable to act on it due to his own repressions and hang-ups about sex. Meanwhile, Maeve dealt with the fallout from an unwanted pregnancy throughout the first and second seasons.

These days, with the tension between Otis and Maeve building, and several moments of sweet romance between the two, many fans are ready for Otis and Maeve to get together. At this point, no one is quite sure what will happen — but it seems likely that viewers will remain invested in their story, every step of the way. 

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