Si King wife: Is Hairy Biker Si King married?

Hairy Bikers: Si King on their latest series 'Go North'

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Si King is best known for touring the world on his motorbike in search of the most exciting culinary creations, along with close friend and TV partner Dave Myers. Fans have been following his personal life closely since he opened up about his illness. They are also keen to find out more about the BBC star’s relationship status. 

Does Si King have a wife? 

Si King, 55, has returned to screens in the latest season of The Hairy Bikers Go North and fans were excited to pick up some new culinary tips. 

He has presented a number of cookery series over the years and launched an online weight loss programme, called The Hairy Bikers Diet Club.

King has taken on all sorts of roles across his life, and when he was 16 he worked for a construction firm.

Fans may be interested to hear he later worked in film and TV production and was an assistant location manager for the Harry Potter films. 

He met his television partner Myers in 1995 on the set of TV drama entitled The Gambling Man.

The pair have developed an inseparable relationship since, but viewers are keen to know more about Si’s love life. 

He recently opened up about separating from his Australian fiancée Michele Cranston. 

The star was due to marry the chef, who he had been seeing in a long-distance relationship, earlier in 2021. 

They met in 2018 when Si was filming in Australia and he asked her to marry him during a romantic meal in California. 

He had been flying out to visit his partner every month before the pandemic hit.

He joked about the long journey, telling The Mail on Sunday: “If you’re going to fall in love don’t fall in love with someone in Australia!”

Once they were engaged, Si said he would be commuting from Australia for work and had fully committed to spending more time with the Australian chef. 

This would have been Si’s second marriage, as he had been wed to wife Jane for 27 years, having three sons with her.

They still remain friends as Si admitted they had been focussed on different aspects of their lives. 

Speaking about the divorce from his first wife, he described the experience as “incredibly brutal”. 

Back in 2016 he told the Daily Mail: “The reality is the industry we work in is incredibly brutal.

“There are timelines and deadlines. You have to be on form. Some people can do it. I find it quite difficult.”

Following the split, Si turned to Myers for support and stayed with him at his French home.

Jane had been there for him when he suffered from his intracranial aneurysm back in 2014. 

He said she and his children had helped him get through the “scary” experience, and he recovered in hospital. 

He has had no lasting effects since and has gone on to inspire others to put their health first. 

The Hairy Bikers Go North airs on BBC Two

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