Sister Wives’ star Mykelti Brown admits the famous family’s kids ‘aren’t close’ as Paedon and Mariah’s feud rages on

SISTER Wives star Mykelti Brown admitted her family’s kids “aren’t close” amid her brother Paedon’s feud with their half-sister Mariah. 

Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti revealed the bombshell during an Instagram Q&A with her husband Tony on Sunday.

Kody, 52, has 18 children with his wives Meri, 49, Janelle, 50, Christine 48, and Robyn, 41. 

Mykelti explained: “The older kids are a little bit closer, well, sometimes. When we were younger the older kids were really, really close. But the hardest part of maintaining a relationship with any of your siblings or parents is if you decide to move away. 

“The distance makes a strain. It makes it hard. I am close with most of my siblings. I wouldn’t say all because I barely know Ariella and Solomon and Truly because they’re just so young.

“I would say I’m close with most of my siblings, not all of them. I’m best friends with a couple of them as well. But being far from people and having such different lives does put a strain on it actively. We’re related so I have to love them.”

When a fan asked about Mariah and Paedon’s feud over their conflicting political views, Tony responded: “Let’s hope it works out.”

Mykelti added: “Everyone has their own beliefs. Everyone has their own opinions. It’s up to them what they decide to do and share with it.”

Mykelti then explained how she gets breakfast weekly with Paedon and how Mariah is not estranged from the family. 

Mariah and Paedon’s feud started when Christine and Kody’s son, who is in the army, posted on Instagram “back the blue” with the hashtag “#bluelivesmatter.”

Mariah, 24, and her fiancee, Audrey, have been supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd.

A follower responded: “Call your sister and have a conversation with her.”

Paedon, 21, replied: “I love Mariah very much but we can’t stand each other.”

Audrey then commented on the post: “Black lives matter and I cannot BELIEVE some of the things you’ve said here.

“‘Mariah and I can’t stand each other’ that’s not what you were thinking when you called her crying weeks ago.”

Paedon then turned off the comments.

Mariah recently posted on her Instagram Story that she is no longer associating with President Donald Trump supporters because he has “taken away” her “rights.”

She continued: “I will no longer be associated with people who think that the money in their pockets or the political associations they are are more important than my life, than my rights…

"Remember that if you make the choice to vote for Donald Trump, you are making the choice to no longer have me in your life.”

Mariah and Audrey are currently not following Paedon on Instagram.

Mykelti and Paedon’s sister Gwendlyn took Mariah’s side in the feud.

How many kids does Kody Brown from Sister Wives have?

SISTER Wives patriarch Kody Brown has been a busy man.

The polyamorous reality television star has a large family with his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

The bustling family has eighteen children.

Over the weekend, she posted: “If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room."

She added: "And a homophone, transphobe, sexist, white supremacist, etc.”

On Sister Wives, Kody was adamant about building one home for his family, as he explained how the older children are closer today compared to the younger kids who live in separate homes.

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