Six huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Bernie’s dangerous addiction

BERNIE Taylor begs Tiffany for more diet pills as she tries to persuade Rainie that she’s on track to be her surrogate next week in EastEnders. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the Square…

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1. Bernie’s addiction spirals

Bernie tells Tiffany that the diet pills aren’t working fast enough next week, and demands stronger ones. 

Vi encourages Stuart and Rainie to find a distraction from baby Abi, which spurs them into making a decision about the surrogacy. 

Tiffany eventually gives Bernie more diet pills after she continues to beg. 

Later in the week, Bernie attends her weight loss group and is pleased to discover she has made some progress.

2. Rainie asks Bernie to be her surrogate

After some encouragement from Vi, Rainie and Stuart ask Bernie to be their surrogate.

But later in the week, when they head to their insemination appointment, Bernie isn’t impressed with Rainie’s first installment and later tells Tiff they had agreed a higher amount.

When Bernie later confronts Rainie following some encouragement from Tiffany, Rainie admits that she’s having to fork out for a private investigator to track down Max. 

3. Linda discovers Max’s whereabouts

Linda is surprised to get a birthday present from Max in the post revealing his location in Croatia.

Frankie suggests throwing a party, but Linda insists she doesn’t want the fuss.

Frankie goes ahead with her plan anyway and Linda is overwhelmed when she arrives home to find a party underway. 

She’s embarrassed when unwanted attention is drawn towards her pregnancy.

As Jack arrives, Linda decides she has to tell him what she’s discovered Max is living in Croatia. 

Linda tells Frankie she’s not happy about the surprise party, but Nancy steps in and tells her mum she owes Frankie an apology. 

Nancy tells Linda it’s time that Frankie and Shirley knew that Max is the father of the baby, but Linda refuses. 

4. Frankie tries to split up Kathy and Rocky

Frankie invites Sonia and her dad to the party but leaves out Kathy.

Viewers know that Shirley has the hots for Rocky, but will Frankie’s plan work?

5. Isaac heads on a downward spiral 

Next week, Lola finds Isaac distracted as his mind races again, but he covers and leaves Lola none the wiser.

When she leaves for work, he continues obsessing over his late brother and conducting research.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Jean have a heart to heart at the club. 

They’re stunned when Isaac storms in and speaks his mind.

What has he discovered?

6. Ruby decides to keep trying for a baby

Viewers were devastated when Ruby silently suffered her second miscarriage earlier this month.

Next week, Ruby learns the hospital wants her to have another procedure before the laparoscopy. 

Ruby tells Martin she’ll have the procedure as she wants to keep trying for a baby.

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