Soooooo Madison and Hannah Ann Just Went on Instagram Live Together

Remember Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor? It went down about 84 years ago? As you might recall, Peter proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss only to dramatically break up with her on national television, pivoted back to Madison Prewett, and then mutually ended things with her, like, two days after their reunion. It was…a giant mess!

So, how do Hannah Ann and Madison feel about each other? Apparently, these two have gotten back in touch in the wake of their back-to-back breakups with Peter, and surprised Bachelor Nation by doing an Instagram Live together on Thursday night.

If you’re looking for tea, sorry to disappoint, because the conversation was mostly about how they’re both holding up during social distancing, and how they had a lot of fun talking about cookies during The Bachelor (IDEK). Honestly, the conversation was actually super brief, and Peter was clearly not on anyone’s mind. Like, here they are talking about chili:

And here they are talking about their faith:

Truly, who is Peter, never heard of him.

*But also, if you’re wondering what is up with Hannah Ann and Madison’s mutual ex-boyfriend, he seems to be dating his other Bachelor ex Kelley Flanagan. At least based on a giant mountain of evidence, including the fact that he’s staying at her house right now. Kay, bye!

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