Spoilers: All you need to know about next week's lockdown Emmerdale's episodes

The lockdown instalments of Emmerdale have given viewers a unique insight into what our favourite characters have been getting up to in isolation, and the final week of the special episodes is almost upon us.

Lydia and Sam Dingle (Karen Blick and James Hooton), Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) and Vinny (Bradley Johnson), Aaron and Cain Dingle (Danny Miller and Jeff Hordley) and Nicola and Jimmy King (Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles) have all taken centre stage thus far.

The final batch of episodes, however, will see Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) helm an episode, while the final instalment is a three-hander centring on Malone Dingle (Mark Charonock) and Al and Ellis Chapman (Michael Wildman and Aaron Anthony).

Here’s everything you can expect.

Chas struggles with lockdown

Lockdown has inevitably resulted in the Woolpack having to close, and Chas begins to struggle as a result.

With the pub shut, she feels cut off from every aspect of her life, and — in spite of her desire to make the most out of the lockdown period — she’s finding it hard to cope.

Speaking about Chas’ struggle, actress Lucy Pargeter revealed: ‘So when we go into this lockdown episode, Chas’ state of mind is now one of her realising how not having the pub open and that connection with the village has altered things.

‘She is very much part of the DNA of the village and she’s floundering slightly without that connection to others.

‘I think we get a lot of ourselves from other people (as a lot of us have found out) all of a sudden Chas is alone in the Woolpack without any interaction from the outside world and I think she does feel somewhat futile and without purpose.

‘She is looking after a baby, cooking and cleaning, but without her job and  that isn’t her really.’

Marlon is in lockdown without April

Revealing the reason as to why April is living elsewhere, actor Mark Charnock said: ‘He has got regrets and concerns, Marlon is always cautious and he’s a worrier.

‘He had a little cough, a mild version of one of the symptoms so he thought safety first so he isolated and then of course, the cough went away.

‘But by now April has been with Bob for a few days and Marlon doesn’t feel he can get her back, it wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

Marlon makes a mistake with Leo

Speaking about the incident, Mark said: ‘He’s really messed up, one Thursday night, after clapping for carers Marlon gets carried away and goes all the way into the village and he waves at Leo and Leo doesn’t understand why Marlon won’t come into the house.

‘Leo kicks off and scratches and bites his mum. 

‘She is furious with Marlon and he is devastated he’s made such a huge mistake. It just breaks Marlon’s heart.’

Chas worries about the Woolpack

With lockdown having been enforced, the pub has had to shut in line with government guidelines, and Chas struggles to come to terms with this — as it could impact the pub’s future .

Lucy revealed: ‘There aren’t many people sitting in lockdown with no worries thinking it doesn’t matter how long it goes on because they have an endless pot of money that will pay the bills and look after their kids and keep them fed, clothed and watered.

‘The Woolpack is her livelihood and with the state of how things are at the moment, pubs and the leisure industry is one of the last things that will be opened up so it’s a massive strain on her. 

Marlon and Al come to blows

Marlon isn’t best pleased when he learns that Al is spending lockdown with him, after Ellis invited him to stay.

Given the two are enemies, it’s safe to assume that animosity will be on the cards.

Speaking about how Marlon feels when he discovers what Ellis has done, actor Mark Charnock said: ‘Incandescent with rage!

‘He is astounded that Ellis would think this is okay when he knows what Marlon thinks about Al.


‘He is not a fan of Al at all, Marlon loathes Al most of all. It was Al who broke up his marriage and wrecked his domestic life.

‘Al is the person who would be at the bottom of Marlon’s list to isolate with. He wants Al to get out and Ellis tells him if Al is going, then he has to go.’

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