Stephen Mulhern forced to cover Game Of Talents player’s eyes during painful act

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Game of Talents team captain Stephen Mulhern was forced to cover his teammate's eyes during Saturday's show, as they witnessed a Bed of Nails daredevil in action.

Host Vernon Kay welcomed US act Brad Byers to the stage, inviting Emma Willis and her teammate to guess what his unusual talent could be.

Captain Emma incorrectly guessed he was an impressionist, struggling to make sense of the clues, only for Brad to reveal his true talent.

As the curtain pulled open, Brad took off his shirt and stretched out on a panel of sharp metal prongs in front of the studio, his bare skin pressing against the nails.

At one point, three people clambered on top of him as he lay on the nails, leaving grim red welts all over his back and stomach.

Watching from afar, Stephen held his hand up to his co-star Dee Dee's eyes and yelled: "Close your eyes Dee Dee!"

Vernon's face was also stretched into a grimace, while Emma's mouth fell open in amazement as she witnessed Brad at work.

Stunt performer Brad has a number of spectacular talents, including sword swallowing and inserting objects into his nasal cavity.

The entertainer holds several World Records and, as one of his Game of Talents clues, he revealed he was once privately hired by Bill Gates to entertain his guests.

Game of Talents is based on the US TV show of the same name, which is hosted and executive produced by Wayne Brady.

Fresh of the wave of I'm A Celeb success, Vernon was scooped up by ITV to present the British edition, which debuted earlier this month.

Describing the new series in an interview with BBC, Vernon admitted the concept was "dead simple" but effective.

"It's everything that we've seen on telly past and present – a game show element, a variety element, a guessing element that shows like Masked Singer have been built on. It's got all of that," he said.

"And it's got two contestants who compete against each other to win large amounts of money by guessing complete strangers' talents… just by looking at them."

Game of Talents continues next Saturday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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