Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason slammed for appearing to carry gun around their daughter, 3 – The Sun

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans' on-again-off-again husband David Eason is copping criticism for carrying a gun around their toddler.

Fans slammed David for carrying the holstered weapon even though the couple were on their private property.

Jenelle, 28, shared video of the family enjoying a day together, which featured footage of David loading up their SUV while three-year-old Ensley looked one.

On his right side, fans spotted the hand gun holstered and attached to his belt.

One Reddit user could not believe it, writing: "Disturbing that he keeps a handgun holstered during quarantine on their already private property."

Another added: "Mistakes and accidents can and do happen, especially when you're carrying around a group of children."

Some Reddit users defended David, saying it was common for people in the south to carry weapons.

Jenelle relocated to Nashville from North Carolina last year, after the couple split temporarily.

One Reddit user wrote: "This is what the majority of country folks I know do. Most carry concealed if in public but at home around the property, open carry all day. It’s just a different lifestyle."

Another said: "This is fairly normal in some parts of the south."

One user sarcastically responded, "gotta be ready to kill a puppy at any given moment", referring to David's admission he shot and killed the family's pet French bulldog last year.

Jenelle has claimed in the past that David was abusive and even filed a restraining order against him.

But much like their relationship, she flip-flopped and said last month that David had “never abused her".

Jenelle first starred in MTV's 16 & Pregnant but shot to fame on Teen Mom 2.

She lost custody of her children, Jace 10, Kaiser, 5, Ensley and David's two children from a previous relationship after he shot their dog.

The reality star also found herself in hot water after pulling a gun on another driver during a road rage incident while Jace was in the car with her.

MTV severed ties with David and later revealed it would not continue Jenelle's story lines either.

Producers said at the time: “MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since."

In a recent interview on podcast, iClickTV's Dirty Reality, Jenelle said MTV punished her for David's actions.

She said: "I'm being punished for my husband's mistakes."

Jenelle also revealed she'd been offered $1mil to make a porn film, but she refused.

She said porn production company Vivid Entertainment – the same company that made Teen Mom alum's Farrah Abraham's  adult film – had reached out to her.

Jenelle revealed: "They contacted me and they said we will pay you more than Farrah."

Then she explained why she said no: "you're doing a dirty deed for 30 seconds and then it ruins your whole life, why would you do that?'

"Then your family sees it and anyone you encounter already saw you naked and it ruins every opportunity for your future."

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