Teen Mom Jenelle Evans reveals son Kaiser, 6, is spending the summer with dad Nathan Griffith 'for the first time'

TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans revealed her six-year-old son Kaiser is spending the summer with dad Nathan Griffith “for the first time.”

The 29-year-old shared the news in a TikTok video, which she posted on Friday.

In the clip, Jenelle and her family drove in their car as she zoomed in on Kaiser to show off his purple hair.

She said in a voiceover: “Time to drop Kaiser off with his dad for the summer.”

“And look at that purple hair!”

The MTV star then turned the camera to her four-year-old daughter Ensley as she exclaimed: “Twinning as usual!”

Following clips showed Jenelle’s husband David Eason, 32, behind the wheel, while she next showed off a colorful backpack with her son’s name on it.

Jenelle said: “I had to pack a bag because he’s gonna be gone for six weeks.”

After sharing a clips of geese crossing the road and cornfields, Kaiser hugged Ensley goodbye as Jenelle called her kids “sweety hearts.”

As Kaiser walked over to Nathan, the Teen Mom 2 alum continued: “It’s so awesome that things can be so civil between all of us now to where we don’t argue at drop offs and everyone gets along.

“Co-parenting done right.”

The clip concluded with Kaiser saying goodbye to the family dog Rosie.

Jenelle captioned the post: "#CoParenting done right. Bubba left for the summer to his dads!”

The mother of three also shared the news in a tweet, writing: “Kaiser went to spend the summer with his dad for the first time. This feels weird!”

In addition to Kaiser and Ensley, Jenelle is also the mother to 11-year-old son Jace.

While Jenelle and Nathan appear to be in a good place, that wasn’t always the case for the exes.

Jenelle and David previously feuded with Nathan as he tried to get full custody of Kaiser, though they eventually settled on joint custody.

Back in May, David claimed Nathan “wanted to get back” with Jenelle while she and her husband temporarily split.

When a fan asked if David knew Jenelle had slept with Nathan "last year," David immediately clapped back during an Instagram Live video.

He claimed: "It wasn't even last year that me and Jenelle broke up, it was the year before last.

"But do you know that when she was in Tennessee, she was telling me how Nathan was acting so she put me in three-way whenever he said 'Call me, call me, call me.'

 "I listened to the conversation and it was hilarious, it pissed me off!"

Jenelle then jumped in and said: "We're not going to get into details but he said some inappropriate things over and over again, and he had no idea that we were talking."

David added: "He had no idea, no one had any idea we were back together again. We weren't broke up for as long as people thought we were.

"We had been talking for a while, but like I said, this was year before last. I'm sure there are so many type of rumors but it was hilarious had you been there."

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