Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee slammed as 'stupid' for sharing anti-vax clip that claims it 'doesn't actually save lives'

MACKENZIE McKee has faced backlash from fans who have called her "stupid" for supporting anti-vax accounts on social media.

The Teen Mom OG star has also been battling with her co-star Cheyenne Floyd over "racist" claims.

Mackenzie, 26, raised some eyebrows this week when she shared an anti-vax message claiming that the vaccine "doesn't save lives."

The reality star wrote: "She said it, not me," alongside a TikTok video speaking conspiracy theories about the vaccinations.

The clip in question said: "If the vaccines actually saved lives, they'd be priced so high, you literally couldn't afford them… you know, like insulin."

Fans were highly displeased by Mackenzie's re-share, as they rushed to Reddit to share their opinions on the matter.

"Mackenzie's latest anti-vaxx nonsense," one wrote as they shared a screenshot of the evidence.

"She is painfully stupid!" a second ranted, while a third agreed: "It should be a crime to be so stupid."

"She should be fired for the misinformation she spreads," another offered, while a fifth asked: "How on earth can anyone that loves their kids not want to protect themselves???"

"So sick of this dumb b***h. Of course she's an anti vaxxer," a final added.

This wasn't the first time Mackenzie met controversy over her sociopolitical opinions.

In January the MTV star was labeled "racist" after she called the Vice President a “colored” woman on her Facebook page.

"Sorry, no. There are a lot of amazing women in the world for my daughters to look up to and see as role models. Kamala Harris is not one of them.

"It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, that is the one who is making history," the young mom wrote.

While many Teen Mom viewers roasted the star for her "ignorance," Cheyenne Floyd, 28, took a stand to "educate" her castmate.

“It’s time to have a conversation, a form, something to educate and enlighten because ignorance is pervasive," she tweeted in response.

A war then began between the two moms, as Mackenzie lashed out at the California native for "cutting off" contact with her.

 "Cheyenne tweeted that I’m ignorant. I would’ve gone live with her, I would’ve gone on her podcast. 

"I talked to Cheyenne, and I thought things were going to be amazing, but it was just a downward spiral from there," she confessed.

“I told Cheyenne, ‘I love you.’ And her message back was ‘I have no sympathy for you.

"Welcome to day 1 of being uncomfortable because of the color of your skin.’

“So if she hates me, that’s fine. That’s fine because I said something ignorant, but I messaged and told her that I love her," she admitted.

"I said ‘I love you, I want to hold your hand and do this together with you.’ But she decided right then and there she’s done with me. Cut me off.” 

Earlier this week Mackenzie took to TikTok to slam "cancel culture" and plead with her fans to embrace the possibility of "mistakes."

In a message to all the "moms," she ranted: "When you are a mom… and that child makes one little mistake because they're human and that's what humans do, do we let that define everything about them? Do we automatically dismiss all the good they do… and we cancel them?

"And we cancel them and they are now known for that one mistake they did and we blow that up and focus on that little mistake? No. Because we're smarter than that…"

She continued: "So, why are we doing that to other people? Why do we blow up every little mistake they do and dismiss all the hard work they put in or dismiss where there heart truly is?

"Why do we dismiss all the mistakes we've ever made and just cancel people?"

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